Digitimes Research: Japan electronic medical records market value to reach JPY259.4 billion in 2018

Hana Hu, DIGITIMES Research, Taipei 0

Viewing that 82.5% of large hospitals with 400 or more beds in Japan have adopted electronic medical records, leading vendors of digital medical systems including NEC, Fujitsu and Hitachi have focused promotions on small- to medium-size hospitals, and consequently, Japan's electronic medical records market will increase to a total value of JPY259.4 billion (US$2.49 billion) in 2018, increasing 20.0% from 2015, according to Digitimes Research.

In anticipation of a large elderly population in 2025, the government in Japan has been boosting digitization of nationwide and regional medical/health care networks by connecting hospitals, clinics and health care centers to the Web to share information and increase efficiency, Digitimes Research indicated.

Market demand for electronic medical records hinges on the number of connected hospitals and clinics. According to Kyushu Medical Insurance Claim Research Institute, electronic medical record penetration is 50.1% for medium-size hospitals with 100-399 beds, 25.2% for small-size hospitals with 20-99 beds and 30.1% for clinics.

In addition to NEC, Fujitsu and Hitachi, innovation companies including Clinical-platform, IMSS and Kirin have offered cloud-based electronic medical record solutions which have fewer functions and thus are lower cost, targeting small-size hospitals and clinics.

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