Friday 24 May 2024
CSIA executive urges China chip industry to forget about advanced nodes and focus on tangible victory
While the media is still buzzing about Huawei joining hands with Semiconductor Manufacturing International (SMIC) to manufacture advanced process 7nm and even 5nm chips, on the same day that TSMC held its 2024 Technology Forum in Hsinchu, China's 26th IC Manufacturing Annual Conference and Supply Chain Innovation Forum was also held in Guangzhou during May 22-24.
Friday 24 May 2024
Toshiba completes new 300mm fab for power semiconductors
Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage recently hosted a ceremony to commemorate the completion of a new 300-millimeter wafer fabrication facility for power semiconductors and an office building at Kaga Toshiba Electronics in Ishikawa Prefecture, Japan.
Friday 24 May 2024
SDC and Lenovo partner to commercialize slidable display devices by early 2025
Samsung Display (SDC) is reportedly collaborating with Lenovo to develop slidable display devices, suggesting that devices capable of extending the screen by pulling it are about to be commercialized.
Friday 24 May 2024
Poco aims for 10 million smartphone shipments in India in three years
After registering a 72% growth in smartphone shipments in the first quarter, Poco, a sub-brand of Xiaomi, is looking to reach an annual smartphone shipment of ten million units in three years in India.
Friday 24 May 2024
Absolics becomes first materials firm to get US CHIPS Act subsidy
Absolics, an affiliate of South Korean chemical material firm SKC and invested by Applied Materials, signed a Preliminary Memorandum of Terms (PMT) with the US Department of Commerce (DoC) on May 23. It is the first semiconductor materials and component supplier to receive the CHIPS Act subsidy.
Friday 24 May 2024
Tesla skips delivery target of 20 million EVs by 2030 in latest impact report
Tesla no longer emphasizes a sales target of 20 million vehicles by the end of this decade as the company accelerates the development of autonomous driving, its 2023 impact report showed.
Friday 24 May 2024
Samsung and SK Hynix increase R&D and facility investment in 1Q24
Samsung Electronics and SK Hynix's research and development expenses and facility investments for the first quarter of 2024 were higher than those in the first quarter of 2023. It is interpreted by the industry that, with the semiconductor industry rebounding, Samsung and SK Hynix have increased their investment to seize market share.
Friday 24 May 2024
China's AI market booms, but Chinese CSPs fail to cash in
While the AI market in China is experiencing explosive growth, there are expectations that related services like computing, big data, storage, and data centers will grow accordingly.
Friday 24 May 2024
AI becomes the key to new paradigm shifts and how TSMC responds to new era
Since the turn of the century in the year 2000, the changes brought to the world by digital technology and the Internet can be roughly categorized into four phases. The first phase was the post-dot-com bubble era in the early 2000s, and the leading vendors of this era were Nokia and Cisco, which provided networking equipment.
Friday 24 May 2024
Carmakers take three different strategies in US to respond slow EV demand
According to supply chain sources, automakers have taken three distinct approaches in the US in response to the market headwind.
Thursday 23 May 2024
Seven hours in Geneva hotel highlights US-China struggle on AI
For seven hours at a Geneva hotel earlier this month, top US and Chinese officials locked into talks on collectively managing their biggest fears around artificial intelligence — while keeping up a cutthroat competition to dominate technology that promises to reshape the global economy.
Thursday 23 May 2024
China conducts major military drills around Taiwan, but local market resilient
In a bold display of military might, China initiated extensive drills encircling Taiwan on May 23, a clear signal to the newly inaugurated Taiwanese president, Lai Ching-te. The exercises, involving China's army, navy, air force, and rocket force, were described as a rehearsal for sea and air patrols, battlefield control, and precision strikes.
Thursday 23 May 2024
Taiwan to share Science Park management know-how with friendly countries
Cheng-wen Wu, Minister of the National Science and Technology Council (NSTC), said that Taiwan would be happy to share and transfer the experience of science park management to other friendly countries. However, Wu stressed the importance of reciprocity for mutual prosperity.
Thursday 23 May 2024
UK and South Korea lead global AI safety summit, China and UAE firms pledge AI safety commitments
At the second Global AI Safety Summit, South Korea and the United Kingdom jointly introduced the "Seoul Declaration," committing world leaders to a consensus on principles for the development and regulation of AI.
Thursday 23 May 2024
Samsung's HBM lag threatens memory chip dominance in AI Era
Despite Samsung Electronics recently appointing a new leader for its Device Solutions (DS) division that comprises memory and foundry units, the company's lag behind SK Hynix in leading the High Bandwidth Memory (HBM) market could become a major obstacle to its semiconductor business amid the widespread adoption of Artificial Intelligence (AI), as noted by industry insiders in South Korea.
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