Apr 15, 15:41
Low-profile nFore penetrates global vehicles with leading communication modules
Taiwan-headquartered nFore has captured the attention of European and US automakers, with some visiting the company's site in private. The traction gained as carmakers found a significant portion of nFore's Digital Signal Processing (DSP) solutions when tearing down competitors' Telematics-Box (T-Box) and analyzing their software.
As Apple's sales performance may slow in 2024, suppliers, including optical component and lens providers, may accelerate their diversification in customer bases and business portfolios.
As consumer spending remains low amid high inflation in Europe and the US, network equipment makers have seen expectations for the first quarter of 2024 dashed, as demand from Europe and US-based clients continues to flatline. Heading into the second quarter of the year, hopes are on the Asia-Pacific market outside of China.
Chinese handset brands such as Redmi, Nubia, and OnePlus are all rushing to introduce AI smartphones.
Largan Precision, one of the largest Taiwan-based makers of smartphone lens modules, held its quarterly earnings call on April 11.
Speculation has recently circulated in the mobile phone market that brand vendors including Apple and Samsung Electronics have revised downward their shipment projections for 2024.
Dixon announced the acquisition of a controlling interest in the Indian subsidiary of Transsion Holdings, a China-based company.
Companies are rethinking their expansion plans to Indonesia.
Apple reportedly doubled down on iPhone production in India, eager to diversify its production base away from China.
Starlink connects Southeast Asia's skies
Apr 10
SpaceX's satellite communication service, Starlink, has embarked on an ambitious expansion journey, with a keen focus on penetrating the lucrative Southeast Asian market. The service has already established a footprint in nations such as the Philippines and Malaysia and now sets its sights on Indonesia.
How will AI reshape the telecom industry landscape?
Apr 10
In the relentless surge of AI, spearheaded by the ascent of Large Language Models (LLMs), a transformative wave is sweeping through industries, igniting fresh prospects, particularly for server providers and cooling specialists. Yet, it's the communication sector that stands poised for profound disruption. Industry insiders assert that AI's integration into telecommunications is not just inevitable but already underway, with major international players fortifying their infrastructural groundwork in anticipation of its widespread application.
China's production capacity in mature semiconductor processes has continued to grow with the substantial financial backing of the government. For power semiconductor manufacturer Force-MOS, the company has been avoiding the cutthroat price slashing in China's electric vehicle (EV) market, and as MOSFET wafer shipments held steady in the first quarter of 2024, order volumes are expected to remain at the same level reaching into the second quarter.