Taiwan startups unveil cross-domain smart innovations at CES 2020

Mark Tsai, Las Vegas; Willis Ke, DIGITIMES Asia 0

Taiwan startups are showcasing a variety of cross-domain smart tech solutions integrating 5G telecom infrastructure, diverse sensor-based IoT equipment, blockchain and AR/VR/MR applications at CES 2020, providing new opportunities for digital transformations at various industries.

Among the exhibitors at the Taiwan Tech Arena at the CES Eureka Park, AgriTalk Tech led by professors from Taiwan's National Chiao Tung University offers smart agriculture AI solutions for farmers. Its all-in-one sensors monitor vital farm conditions such as nutrient levels, soil moisture, power supply and irrigation to secure normal operations of either large farms or small backyard gardens.

Ganzin Technology showcases its Aurora eye tracker module and Luna eye tracker module that can be applied to VR/AR/smart glasses to make the devices perform better in serving users' needs, with the modules mainly comprising SoCs and API (application programming interfaces). The company also supplies relevant software development kits for customers.

Nestech, specializing in access control solutions, has unveiled a mobile front desk management system for hospitality industry and property management that can be done via a mobile phone or a tablet.

Other smart solutions on display include smart helmets from Jarvish, automated fire-fighting robots from SunJet Robotics, an IoT system for detecting invisible blood from RedEye Biomedical and AI baby cameras from Yun Yun.

AgriTalk's system on display at CES

AgriTalk's system on display at CES
Photo: Mark Tsai, Digitimes, January 2020