Wednesday 24 April 2024
HBM prices likely to fall in 2H24 due to intensified market competition
Nvidia is arguably the biggest "beneficiary" of Artificial Intelligence (AI) so far, but the recent 10% plunge in Nvidia's stock price and the evaporation of its market capitalization of US$211 billion have triggered concerns in the South Korean semiconductor industry.
Wednesday 24 April 2024
Quantum startup investments' 20% annual growth surprise industries
The governments of Europe, the US, Japan, and China see quantum computers as a long-term strategic investment project. With the support of stable and long-term funding, the related start-up investments grew at an annual rate of about 20% between 2021-2023, according to CB Insights.
Tuesday 23 April 2024
What factors lie behind system assembly changes for Nvidia's next-gen servers?
With Nvidia's recently announced Blackwell GPU architecture poised to become the mainstream for the next generation of AI servers, industry watchers expect Blackwell-equipped AI servers to begin shipping at the end of 2024 alongside the launch of the next-gen GPUs, while mass shipments are expected to begin in 2025.
Monday 22 April 2024
Nvidia to help Japan's AIST build quantum supercomputer
Nvidia announced that Japan's new quantum supercomputer — designed to advance the nation's quantum computing initiative — will be powered by Nvidia platforms for accelerated and quantum computing.
Monday 22 April 2024
Japan's GenAI boost: US$480 million subsidy fuels domestic cloud computing services
Japan's Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI) unveils a JPY 72.5 billion (US$480 million) subsidy to back Generative AI (GenAI) development by five local firms, including telecom leader KDDI.
Monday 22 April 2024
Meta unveils Llama 3: AI overhaul with Meta AI upgrade
The debut of Meta Platforms' latest AI model, Llama 3 was accompanied by a simultaneous update of Meta AI.
Monday 22 April 2024
AI surge sparks electricity boom in data centers, industry races to curb consumption by 2030
The surge in computational demand driven by AI is leading to a significant increase in electricity consumption in data centers.
Friday 19 April 2024
Beat Nvidia with RISC-V? Samsung expands its AI chip unit in Silicon Valley
Samsung Electronics is reportedly expanding its artificial intelligence (AI) chip design research organization in Silicon Valley to challenge Nvidia, the current leader in the AI semiconductor market, by developing AI chips based on the RISC-V architecture.
Thursday 18 April 2024
Consumer electronics market remains mired in downturn as inflation persists
The consumer electronics market has remained sluggish since 2023, with no evident signs of recovery even after the first quarter of 2024, whether for smartphones, notebooks, or consumer networking devices. Market observers attribute this prolonged downturn to persistently high inflation rates in Europe and the US.
Thursday 18 April 2024
Taiwan IPC makers pushing integrated services to boost profits and to see revenues grow in 2024, says DIGITIMES Research
Affected by the overall global economic situation in 2023, Taiwanese industrial PC (IPC) manufacturers saw high inventory levels among their downstream customers with DIGITIMES Research estimating that the total revenue of Taiwanese IPC manufacturers reached NT$283.66 billion (US$8.66 billion) for annual decrease of 1.3% in 2023, a relatively weak performance, according to DIGITIMES Research's latest AIoT report covering Taiwanese IPC makers' performance in recent years.
Thursday 18 April 2024
Lite-On upbeat about shipments for AI servers; Progress in its energy storage biz
Lite-On Technology expects its power supply shipments for AI servers to rise 20-30% sequentially in the second quarter, said the company's president, Anson Chiu. All of its 3kW and 5kW AI server power supplies are manufactured at its Kaohsiung factory in southern Taiwan.
Thursday 18 April 2024
Server PCB specialist ACCL optimistic about 2Q24
Allied Circuit (ACCL) is optimistic about its prospects for the second quarter of 2024, pointing to a rise in server market order visibility from 4-6 to 8 weeks. Customers' pulling of products has also increased dramatically in volume, according to the server PCB specialist.
Thursday 18 April 2024
First batch of system manufacturers for Nvidia's next-gen AI GPU emerges
Following the recent launch of Nvidia's GB200 superchip comes news of major changes to its first tier of AI server system manufacturers, as Foxconn and Wiwynn, which did not manufacture H100-based systems, now join the ranks of Supermicro, Quanta, Wistron, and ZT Systems in assembling the next generation of Nvidia's AI servers.
Wednesday 17 April 2024
Edge AI and mobility trends stoking demand for rugged computers
As Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications continue to materialize, there is an increasing demand for rugged computing products. This has enabled numerous Industrial PC (IPC) makers, such as Winmate, Neousys Technology, Ubiqconn Technology, and Vecow to capitalize on the rising trend of edge computing and mobility.
Wednesday 17 April 2024
UAE's G42 chooses US over China for Nvidia chips and US$1.5 billion investment from Microsoft
Microsoft's substantial investment of US$1.5 billion has secured it a board seat in the United Arab Emirates-based AI firm G42, albeit with a trade-off.
Wednesday 17 April 2024
Research Insights: Taiwan-based IPC suppliers expand in Southeast and South Asia
In recent years, Taiwan-based IPC (Industrial PC) manufacturers have accelerated their production diversification, driven by geopolitical factors and local manufacturing incentive policies.
Wednesday 17 April 2024
HPE begins to ship made-in-India servers on large scale
According to PTI and Analytics India, Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) has begun large-scale deployment of its made-in-India servers within a year of announcing plans to manufacture them locally, the company announced on Tuesday.
Wednesday 17 April 2024
Baidu launches ERNIE 4.0 Tool and AI toolkits, amid speculation of cooperation with Apple
As OpenAI continues to be at the forefront of Generative AI developments, Apple has been criticized for lagging behind the pack in iPhone innovation and has been on the verge of losing its grasp of the market in China. To this end, Apple needs a Chinese-language AI model, of which Baidu's ERNIE Bot is one of more than 40 authorized by the Chinese government.
Wednesday 17 April 2024
Samsung Device Solution head reportedly seeking closer ties with Taiwan server ODMs
Kye Hyun Kyung, head of Samsung Electronics Device Solutions (DS) division, has visited Quanta Cloud Technology (QCT) during his stay in Taiwan, with his itinerary reportedly covering a host of top-tier firms in Taiwanese IT and semiconductor supply chains, such as TSMC.
Tuesday 16 April 2024
China's two ways of building AI GPU ecosystems to compete with Nvidia
Under the fast-changing technology trend, no matter which way China's AI industry chooses to build its ecosystem or stay compatible with CUDA, the elimination and consolidation processes will ultimately be driven by the choice of the market and customers. The Chinese market is simply too big to ignore.
Tuesday 16 April 2024
Computex 2024 to showcase leading GenAI hardware providers
The upcoming Computex is expected to prominently feature GenAI.
Tuesday 16 April 2024
BHTC to make debut after acquisition by AUO at Touch Taiwan 2024
The Germany-based Behr-Hella Thermocontrol GmbH (BHTC) is set to make its debut after being acquired by AUO at the 2024 Touch Taiwan exhibition.
Tuesday 16 April 2024
AI server liquid cooling receives attention; 4 big challenges remain
Since the introduction of Nvidia's Blackwell processor platform, liquid-cooling heat dissipation has been seen as a trend in heat dissipation technology.
Tuesday 16 April 2024
CCL makers optimistic about demand for AI applications
Copper-clad laminate (CCL) manufacturers are confident about the demand for AI applications as they actively delve into the supply chain for AI servers.
Monday 15 April 2024
CSP giants' AI capital spending fuels ASIC market growth
The launch of Google and Meta's latest self-developed chip products has fueled heated competition in the ASIC market.