Taiwan PC monitor makers experiencing declining shipments in 4Q22, says DIGITIMES Research

Betty Shyu, DIGITIMES Research, Taipei 0


Taiwan PC monitor makers' shipments decreased 6.4% sequentially and 26% on year to come to less than 18 million units in the fourth quarter of 2022 as the global economy remained in a downturn, while most brand vendors still had high inventory at the channel, according to DIGITIMES Research's study on the Taiwan PC monitor industry.

For the whole-year 2022, Taiwan's monitor shipments plunged 11% on year, a drop sharper than global volumes' 8.4%. The shipments for the first quarter of 2023 will continue to suffer from an on-year decline (27.8%) and are unlikely to improve until the second quarter.

Taiwan's share in global monitor shipments dipped to below 60% in the fourth quarter of 2022, down from 62.1% in the third quarter, as Korea-based makers Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics were both keen about pushing their shipments for the final quarter of the year, while China-based makers BOE and HKC had obtained increased orders from brand clients and hiked their own-brand product shipments for the quarter.

With the fierce competition from Korea- and China-based competitors, Taiwan's share for the whole-year 2022 also slipped from 64.2% in 2021 to only 62.2%, DIGITIMES Research's study show.

Shipments of 20- to 22-inch monitors continued replacing models sized 19-inch and below, while the shipment share of 27-inch and above is still rising. The largest monitor maker in Taiwan TPV had a sequential shipment decline smaller than Taiwan's average, resulting in its shipment share returning back to 48.7%. Foxconn also had a brisk performance in the fourth quarter.

However, TPV's shipment share continued to drop in 2022 after a slump to below 50% in 2021. Wistron's share picked up exponentially in 2022 and is narrowing its gap with number-2 Qisda.

Global PC monitor shipments are estimated to slip 6% sequentially and 22% on year in the first quarter of 2023 because of Chinese monitor makers' competition and the global share of Taiwan's shipments is likely to dip further in the quarter.