DDR5 adoption in new-gen processors to stimulate PMIC demand

Jay Liu, Taipei; Jessie Shen, DIGITIMES Asia 0


The adoption of DDR5 memory in new-generation Intel and AMD processors will boost the amount of power management ICs (PMIC) used, according to sources at PMIC suppliers.

PMIC specs will also require upgrades for DDR5 modules, said the sources, adding that PMIC demand for CPUs featuring DDR5 memory support will rise substantially.

PMIC suppliers including Anpec Technology, Global Mixed-mode Technology (GMT) and uPI Semiconductor have stepped up the development of their offerings for DDR5 memory, eyeing growing business opportunities for the next-generation memory standard, the sources indicated.

DDR5 has reached a market share of only 20%. The market share is poised to climb in 2023, when the memory prices become more affordable, according to sources at memory module makers. DDR5 memory is used mainly for non-consumer device applications, and is expected to penetrate other market segments thanks to chip suppliers' improving production yield rates and drops in memory prices, the sources said.

DDR4 memory remains a favorable choice over DDR5 due to the former's cheaper prices, the sources indicated. Besides, memory module houses are engaged in inventory adjustments, particularly looking to offload excess DDR4 device inventories, the sources said.