Keysight sees promising demand for 5G mmWave, quantum, AI/ML

Julian Ho, Taipei; Willis Ke, DIGITIMES Asia 0

US-based Keysight Technologies has offered precision measurement tools for 5G mmWave and satellite device applications, while being engaged in the development for next-generation 6G devices. The company also expects demand for AI/ML, quantum and other emerging technologies to boom starting the second half of 2022, according to David Lo, deputy general manager of field marketing at Keysight Taiwan.

Lo said O-RAN (open-radio access network) solutions are getting mature along with large-scale deployments in 5G applications, but L4 self-driving vehicles will not appear in 2022 thanks to limited coverage of 5G connectivity in suburban areas.

Lo estimated 5G connectivity to become ubiquitous in 2028, and the first commercial 6G network will also be launched that year, which will accelerate the integration of physical, digital and human worlds, eventually achieving Internet of Everything. At the moment, 6G R&D is in full swing at industry, government, and academic research units.

The rise of quantum computing is driving a surge in demand for high precision measurement solutions, and a few companies are set to launch in 2022 quantum processing units with 100Q-bit or higher performance for cloud deployment, Lo said, and even Taiwan has also set up a quantum "national team." He disclosed that Keysight will continue to advance its presence in the quantum computer field through acquisitions and collaboration with industry partners.

Lo also indicated that AI/ML/cloud technologies will also be combined with 5GmmWave and O-RAN technologies, with AI/ML to become the core of automation systems. As more and more systems are using AI technologies, all system responses could entail variables and therefore there is a need to "test AI through AI," Lo stressed, and intelligent test automation will be the key to ensure that the complex interconnected networking world will work exactly as required.

Keysight has long been engaged in the development and production of precision test and measurement instruments, maintaining close partnerships with leading semiconductor firms including TSMC, Qualcomm, MediaTek and Win Semiconductors.

David Lo, deputy general manager of field marketing at Keysight Taiwan  Photo: Julian Ho, Digitimes, May 2022

David Lo, deputy general manager of field marketing at Keysight Taiwan
Photo: Julian Ho, DIGITIMES, May 2022