Hiwin unveils robots with 3D vision for fast biscuit packaging

Chloe Liao, Taipei; Willis Ke, DIGITIMES Asia 0

3D machine vision is increasingly applied to production lines as it can achieve fast and accurate vision that human eyes can hardly do, and a typical application is seen in an automated biscuit packaging line demonstrated by Taiwan's Hiwin Technologies at the just-concluded 2018 Taiwan Automation Intelligence and Robot Show.

Hiwin's automated biscuit packing line can package120 biscuits per minute, with delta robots adopted to conduct fast and accurate biscuit packing movement. Delta robots, a kind of parallel robot featuring three arms connected to a universal joint at the base, are widely used in picking and packaging in factories.

The delta robots at Hiwin's biscuit packaging line are fitted with 3D machine vision to accurately recognize objects, with an object-catching accuracy reaching up to 99.5%, the company said.

At the show, Hiwin also showcased a six-axis robot with integrated 3D vision function, able to agilely pick tools from deep boxes for use at production lines.