Tuesday 9 April 2024
Delta Electronics powers AI revolution with next-gen solutions
Delta Electronics boasts a comprehensive framework for energy-related solutions.
Monday 25 March 2024
Delta opens new plant and R&D center for EVs in Thailand
Delta Electronics (Thailand), a subsidiary of Delta Group, recently inaugurated its new Delta Plant 8 and R&D Center at Bangpoo Industrial Estate, Thailand, to facilitate Delta's...
Tuesday 5 March 2024
Delta Electronics doubles growth in AI servers; four major domains maintain their momentum
Although there are still many uncertainties in 2024, and the growth potential of EVs has been adjusted downward due to market influences, Delta Electronics chairman Yancey Hai mentioned...
Friday 26 January 2024
Thinking Electronic steps up deployment in automotive sector
Passive component industry experts project a noticeable industry rebound after the second quarter or the second half of this year. Most firms are looking to automotive applications...
Friday 19 January 2024
Delta Electronics secures GBP43M deal with Ceres Power for hydrogen fuel cell advancement
Delta Electronics announced a groundbreaking GBP43 million deal with Ceres Power Limited, a subsidiary of UK-listed Ceres Power Holdings plc, specializing in fuel cell power generation...
Monday 15 January 2024
Taiwanese EV charger companies target North America with high-power charging technology
Multiple Taiwan-based EV charging companies participated in CES 2024, introducing chargers and energy storage system products to gain a presence in the North American market.
Tuesday 2 January 2024
Delta Electronics says Thailand become desirable for EV industry investment
As ASEAN's largest car manufacturing country, Thailand has been transitioning to EVs to comply with national policies. Many companies that intend to enter the EV sector plan to invest...
Friday 8 December 2023
Empowering businesses towards net-zero: What's Delta Energy's approach to green energy?
To support more businesses in reaching their net-zero emissions goals, Delta Electronics has set up Delta Energy and recently secured a license for selling renewable energy. Not only...
Tuesday 7 November 2023
Quanta, Lite-On, and AcBel to enter EV powertrain market
Taiwanese manufacturers Quanta Computer and power supply specialists Lite-On Technology and AcBel Polytech are reportedly looking to enter the electric vehicle (EV) powertrain market,...
Thursday 2 November 2023
Delta Electronics undergoes reshuffling for its EV business
Delta Electronics has announced that it is reorganizing its business units to better manage its rapidly growing electric vehicle (EV) operations. The firm is expecting an 80% on-year...
Tuesday 31 October 2023
TSMC, Samsung lead the way in Taiwan invention patent applications
TSMC filed the most invention patent applications in Taiwan in the third quarter of 2023, with 443 cases, topping the domestic list for the same period for eight consecutive years,...
Thursday 5 October 2023
Chip unicorns emerge in China's Yangtze River Delta
China-based GTA Semiconductor raised CNY13.5 billion (US$1.87 billion) in financing, the latest example of a chip unicorn emerging in China's Yangtze River Delta thanks to state funds...
Thursday 7 September 2023
Delta to expand factory site in China
Delta Electronics has announced plans to invest approximately CNY1.45 billion (US$199.2 million) in the expansion of its industrial site in Chongqing, China by adding a new facilit...
Tuesday 5 September 2023
Delta Electronics gains prominence in the AI server power supply market
With the rise of ChatGPT and other generative AI applications, AI servers tailored to meet the formidable computational demands of generative AI have emerged as a central focus. These...
Tuesday 22 August 2023
Is AI server bandwagon loaded with hitchhikers?
The AI server frenzy remains unabated, allowing more and more related supply chain players to emerge. But amid the numerous companies claiming to be associated with AI servers, the...
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