Intel executives soon to visit TSMC for 3nm

Monica Chen, Taipei; Jessie Shen, DIGITIMES Asia 0


High-level executives of Intel will pay a visit to Taiwan in mid-December and meet TSMC to discuss the US vendor's demanded 3nm chip capacity, according to industry sources.

Intel initiated its talks with TSMC about 3nm process capacity just over one year ago. Intel's upcoming visit is for the final terms of its supply agreement with TSMC, the sources said.

Intel will be striving for more available 3nm process capacity at TSMC during its visit while ensuring that manufacturing yield rates for TSMC's 3nm process are improving as expected, the sources indicated. Once when TSMC moves 3nm process to volume production, the process manufacturing yield rates will have to be sufficient enough to support Intel's demand, the sources said.

Intel is also expected to talk with TSMC about potential cooperation beyond 3nm process manufacturing, according to the sources.

Apple will be another customer first adopting TSMC's 3nm process technology, said the sources, adding that Intel is eyeing a closer tie with TSMC to avoid fighting with Apple for the available process capacity.

TSMC is looking to initially output up to 60,000 wafers built using 3nm process technology monthly, the sources indicated. The foundry has already moved the process to risk production for new products slated for launch in 2022, including new chip designs from Intel, the sources said.