Samsung to advance QLED, microLED TV technologies in 2021

Ricky Tu, DIGITIMES Research, Taipei 0

Samsung Electronics is expected to adopt a two-pronged approach to push the sales of its QLED and microLED TVs in 2021, in response to fellow company LG Electronics' efforts to promote its rollable OLED TVs, according to Digitimes Research.

Samsung's QLED TVs integrate quantum dots (QD) and OLED technologies. However, in order to improve the performance such as power consumption and brightness, and to address the screen burn-in issue, the company also plans to develop QNED (QD+nano LED) technology in 2021.

Samsung plans to launch its 110-inch micro TVs globally in the first quarter of 2021 and it may come out with rollable micro LED technology if it continues to push related technology, .

While LG also boasts the capability of producing microLED TVs, the company will decide whether to launch such products depending on market trends.

Samsung and LG would contract the manufacture of their QLED and rollable OLED TVs, respectively, to third-party companies for better cost control, with the former alone likely to raise the outsourcing ratio to 20% in 2021, Digitimes Research estimates.

In response to the rise of local TV brands in China, Samsung and LG have also gradually withdrawn their TV assembly business from China to Vietnam or Indonesia, aiming at expanding sales in the Southeast Asia market.