Thursday 29 February 2024
Growing AI demand propels PCB industry forward
Taiwan-based PCB industry players, such as PCB drill bit maker Topoint Technology and copper clad laminate (CCL) maker ITEQ, are already seeing the benefits from AI demand and expect...
Friday 5 January 2024
Vacuum pump maker Forward expects double-digit revenue growth in 2024
Forward Science, a Taiwan-based supplier of vacuum pumps, expects to post a double-digit revenue surge in 2024 with profits also rising.
Wednesday 3 January 2024
FineMat adjusts metal mask business and looks forward to growth in 2024
Plummeting OLED metal mask prices and the sluggish mobile phone market have made 2023 rough for FineMat Applied Materials. Still, the company is optimistic that the semiconductor...
Friday 15 September 2023
While IC design houses stride forward into a new era
After the year 2020, there was a significant drop in merger and acquisition activities within the IC design industry, while a notable increase occurred in cases of IC design companies...
Monday 28 August 2023
Qualcomm, MediaTek push forward with edge AI to revitalize struggling smartphone market
After Qualcomm collaborated with Meta for on-device AI applications, MediaTek quickly followed suit, implying an intensifying competition between the mobile SoC giants amid a weak...
Monday 14 August 2023
Samsung Display pushes forward with eMagin acquisition to open door to military XR market
It's reported that Samsung Display (SDC) plans to purchase all the shares of US Micro OLED maker eMagin by the end of 2023. If everything goes smoothly, this move will grant SDC the...
Friday 4 August 2023
Jokowi's EV ambition takes a step forward with cathode factory
President Joko Widodo's ambition of building out Indonesia's electric-vehicle supply chain is seeing another step forward with plans for a cathode plant.
Monday 9 January 2023
Continental and Magna move forward autonomous driving ventures at CES
Two major automotive Tier-1s last week revealed their latest moves to advance assisted and autonomous driving. Continental has partnered with Ambarella to offer energy-efficient solutions...
Friday 30 December 2022
Lee-Feng Chien, former Google Taiwan director, on why IC design sector breeds successful entrepreneurs
Former managing director of Google Taiwan Lee-Feng Chien described 2022 as a year when AI development took a great leap forward. Having counseled many startups, Chien also observed...
Friday 25 November 2022
IPC supplier iBASE Gaming looks forward to casino opportunities in 2023
Industrial PC (IPC) supplier iBASE Gaming has been planning for the future development of casino gaming, green energy, and AIoT markets in light of the gaming industry reopening after...
Monday 15 August 2022
Vacuum pump maker Forward sees order visibility extended to 2024
Forward Science, a Taiwan-based supplier of vacuum pumps, has announced plans to expand its factory site in Miaoli, northern Taiwan to fulfill customer orders in the next couple of...
Tuesday 5 July 2022
Asia IC50 interview with president Pei-Ing Lee: Nanya moves forward with in-house developed technology
Taiwan-based memory device maker Nanya Technology was ranked 18th in the recently released DIGITIMES 2022 Asia IC50 survey, assessing the performance of the top 50 semiconductor companies...
Wednesday 13 April 2022
From cassette tapes to Industry 4.0: How corporate venturing charts TDK's way forward
Remember TDK, the familiar logo appearing on those audio cassette tapes? While one might be quick to associate the Japanese electronics manufacturer with a bygone era, TDK remains...
Monday 11 April 2022
FSP Bronze ATX power supply for gaming takes a leap forward
FSP has released the latest Bronze efficiency PSUs. Four models include 230V and worldwide input voltage; the wattages consist of 750W/850W. FSP bronze power supply provides various...
Wednesday 16 February 2022
Fluorescent nanodiamond marker: A leap forward in cellular medicine development
The completion of the human genome sequencing project has opened up new opportunities for drug development. Some diseases that were once difficult to cure can now be treated with...