Thursday 30 November 2023
How will Samsung and LG respond to TV market winter?
In the global TV market for the third quarter of 2023, Samsung Electronics maintains its top position based on sales with a nearly 30% market share, while LG Electronics holds a similar...
Wednesday 15 November 2023
South Korean TV brands plan to replace part of their purchases with non-Chinese panel makers
China has come to establish a dominant position in the LCD TV panel industry, which also gives Chinese LCD panel suppliers substantial price-setting power. The said suppliers have...
Wednesday 1 November 2023
Coretronic suffers blow with lower shipments across both major product lines
Due to adverse factors such as weak demand, sluggish inventory destocking, and high inflation, Coretronic projects lower shipments across both of its main product lines in the fourth...
Tuesday 31 October 2023
Samsung reduces reliance on China as LCD TV panel prices stabilize
In response to the continuous increase in LCD TV panel prices since 2023, end-user companies such as Samsung Electronics have reduced their panel procurement volumes to increase their...
Tuesday 31 October 2023
TV and IT panel prices expected to drop in November
Prices for large LCD panels are expected to plummet in November, as the industry enters its traditional year-end slump, following the footsteps of small- and medium-sized LCD TV panels...
Tuesday 24 October 2023
Realme and OnePlus reportedly to exit India's TV market
OnePlus and Realme are reportedly looking to exit India's TV market, highlighting a withdrawal trend by Chinese investments in India if the rumor materializes.
Monday 23 October 2023
Realtek cautious about 4Q23 prospects
Realtek Semiconductor remains cautious about its sales prospects for the fourth quarter of 2023, as unfavorable macro conditions continue to weigh on end-market demand, according...
Thursday 19 October 2023
Panel component suppliers aware of demand volatility in 4Q23
LCD panel component suppliers are aware of the volatility of demand in the fourth quarter of 2023, although overall operations in the second half of this year are expected to beat...
Wednesday 18 October 2023
TV sales in China remain a disappointment
TV vendors' promotional campaigns during China's National Day period were hardly able to shore up their overall sales in the country, according to market sources.
Thursday 12 October 2023
LCD TV panel prices expected to fall starting October
LCD TV panel prices, after a rally of over six months, have now stabilized and are expected to fall beginning October, according to industry sources.
Tuesday 26 September 2023
Smart TV shipments grow by 8% in 1H23 in India
Despite rising inflation and economic uncertainties, India's smart TV market remains on the growth track, witnessing 8% shipment growth year-on-year.
Friday 8 September 2023
New Chinese TV products take over IFA; Samsung and LG hold firm and embrace "future home"
Chinese TV makers like TCL and Hisense showcased several new ultra-large Micro LED and Mini LED TV products at IFA Berlin 2023. It appears that they are setting Samsung Electronics...
Monday 4 September 2023
Competition in high-end TV market heats up as China joins the fray
As China's TV market share continues to rise, it has intensified its targeting of South Korean brands. Despite Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics still dominating a significant...
Friday 1 September 2023
Samsung and LG still dominate global TV market in first half of 2023
In the first half of 2023, the two major South Korean brands, Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics, continued their dominance of the global TV market. Samsung maintained its spot...
Thursday 31 August 2023
LCD TV panel prices likely to stabilize soon
After experiencing a half-year surge, LCD TV panel prices continue to show an uptick in late August. However, as the end of the third quarter approaches, industry insiders anticipate...
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