Intelligent Cloud Plus offering acoustic solutions for preventive maintenance

Chloe Liao, Kaohsiung; Joseph Tsai, DIGITIMES Asia 0

Taiwan-based cloud computing startup Intelligent Cloud Plus, an acoustic specialist, offers solutions that can analyze the sound waves generated by machines' vibration to provide warning in advance for preventive maintenance, according to company general manager Lawton Liao.

Its team already had around 40 years of experience in industrial automation control before founding Intelligent Cloud Plus three years ago. It is offering its solutions to help traditional factories transform from manual to smart management, Liao said.

For manufacturers that may need smart manufacturing applications, Liao suggests they conduct overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) tests to evaluate their current equipment.

In OEE evaluation, production capacity utilization rate is one of the most important factors, and malfunctioning equipment significantly affects utilization rates.

Intelligent Cloud Plus' solutions monitor machines' vibration to analyze their conditions, preventing major reductions in utilization rates.

Intelligent Cloud Plus has cooperated with a China-based first-tier sound hardware manufacturer to jointly develop its solutions.

Intelligent Cloud Plus also has an image analysis AI solution that is able to pair with existing automated optical inspection machines in the market to identify any physical defects on products, reducing manual labor for inspection work.

Intelligent Cloud Plus GM Lawton Liao

Intelligent Cloud Plus GM Lawton Liao
Photo: Chloe Liao, Digitimes, March 2019