India roundup: US, India expand technology collaboration, targeting China

Jingyue Hsiao, DIGITIMES Asia, Taipei 0

Credit: AFP

The US and India enhanced their technological cooperation under the iCET initiative to reduce their reliance on China. India is still dependent on imported electronic components from China despite its ambitious target of building a local ecosystem.

US and India announce initiatives to boost cooperation in semiconductors and AI, aiming to reduce reliance on China

The US and India announced fresh initiatives to enhance cooperation in semiconductors, AI, critical minerals, advanced telecommunications, and defense space, as the US is leading the charge to build a resilient supply chain that depends less on China.

Hyundai plans to list its Indian subsidiary

Hyundai Motors-owned Hyundai Motor India Limited filed a Draft Red Herring Prospectus (DRHP) for an IPO in India. While specific pricing details are yet to be revealed, sources told Reuters that Hyundai aims to raise US$2.5-3 billion at a valuation of up to US$30 billion. The timeline for the IPO approval remains unclear, with India's market regulator typically taking 3-6 months to process such applications.

Computer and automobile manufacturers urge India to reconsider anti-dumping duty on PCBs from China

India-based IT hardware companies and automakers are urging the Indian government to reconsider its anti-dumping duty on imported PCBs from China and Hong Kong, increasing their production costs and undermining their price competitiveness.

Vivo reportedly to open large plant in India amid regulatory scrutiny

China-based Vivo is set to open a large manufacturing facility in northern India. The company is reportedly looking for Indian partners to run the facility amid intensifying regulatory pressure from India against Chinese investors.

India to see surging compute investments thanks to sovereign AI

India is expected to see surging infrastructure investments from global companies in the AI supply chain. Microsoft, Amazon, and Nvidia are eyeing the opportunities brought by sovereign AI in India.