London Tech Week live: UK's semiconductor industry and TSMC in the spotlight

Jerry Chen, London, DIGITIMES Asia, Taipei 0

Credit: London Tech Week

London Tech Week has brought significant attention to generative AI and the UK's evolving semiconductor industry. This event underscores Britain's ambition to enhance its position in the global tech arena, with a notable focus on the contributions of key industry players.

David Moore, founder of Pragmatic Semiconductor, showcased their groundbreaking 300mm 12-inch wafer, highlighting the innovative fusion of thin-film technology with standard chip-making tools. Moore emphasized the sustainability and efficiency of their processes, which aim to reduce energy and water usage significantly. "We have tens of thousands, even 50,000 individual flexible IC chips on a single wafer. It's thin, flexible, and very low-cost. Importantly, it's sustainable, addressing some of the industry's biggest challenges," said Moore.

Moore also discussed the geographical concentration challenges in the semiconductor industry. He noted that 70% of the world's semiconductor manufacturing is located in China, Korea, and Taiwan, with 90% of advanced capacity in Taiwan.

He pointed out that the UK, leveraging its rich heritage and expertise in semiconductor technology, is striving to rebalance the global supply chain. "We're building on the UK's longstanding history in semiconductors, particularly in the Northeast, where there is a wealth of experience and knowledge," he added.

In another compelling presentation, Greg Jackson, founder of Octopus Energy, discussed the revolutionary impact of generative AI on customer service. Jackson revealed that since integrating ChatGPT into their system in early 2023, they have achieved remarkable success. "By January 2023, we had ChatGPT, or a variant of it, answering customer queries live by email. By May, 45% of all customer service emails were written by AI," Jackson explained.

The AI system has notably outperformed human counterparts, achieving an 85% customer satisfaction rate compared to the 65% rate for human responses. Jackson emphasized the efficiency and effectiveness of AI in managing customer interactions, stating, "AI writes the email, and then a human can amend it, trash it, or redesign it. Currently, we handle 30,000 emails a day with this system."

London Tech Week continues to highlight the UK's technological advancements and its potential to become a significant player in the global semiconductor market, driven by innovation and sustainability.