Tuesday 23 April 2024
Falling EUV equipment orders suggest China and Intel drive ASML's performance
ASML, a Dutch equipment firm with a stranglehold on lithography equipment and a monopoly on high-end extreme ultraviolet (EUV) exposure machines, has become accustomed to having tens...
Tuesday 23 April 2024
Red Sea mayhem: a wake-up call for maritime decarbonization and African ports' potential
The ongoing geopolitical tensions in the Red Sea region have disrupted a crucial maritime trade artery, with far-reaching consequences for global supply chains, carbon emissions,...
Tuesday 23 April 2024
US DoD selects Intel Foundry for phase-3 RAMP-C
The US Department of Defense (DoD) has selected Intel Foundry for phase three of its Rapid Assured Microelectronics Prototypes - Commercial (RAMP-C) program.
Tuesday 23 April 2024
China and Southeast Asia clear winners in Apple supply chain diversification
The latest Apple supplier list shows that the tech giant has grown its global supplier network, especially in Southeast Asian countries.
Tuesday 23 April 2024
What did Tim Cook's SEA visit tell us?
Apple CEO Tim Cook recently concluded his most extensive Southeast Asia (SEA) tour in years, visiting Vietnam, Indonesia, and Singapore from April 15-19.
Tuesday 23 April 2024
Southeast Asia plays key role, as PCB makers expand automotive and satellite production
The automotive sector is now projected to see negative growth in 2024, with rumblings in the supply chain ever since the beginning of the year, and TSMC lowering its expectations...
Tuesday 23 April 2024
BYD reportedly not eligible for Indian EV policy
India introduced a policy to lower the tariffs on imported EVs to attract global EV manufacturers to set up manufacturing facilities in the country. Still, despite a growing presence...
Tuesday 23 April 2024
Beijing auto show to return this week
The Beijing International Automotive Exhibition will return this week following a four-year hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic, with major car vendors and startups all raring to...
Tuesday 23 April 2024
Bickering between EV vendors underscores SiC popularity
The recent bickering between two Chinese Electric Vehicle (EV) vendors has highlighted the growing popularity of SiC power components.
Monday 22 April 2024
Japan's GenAI boost: US$480 million subsidy fuels domestic cloud computing services
Japan's Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI) unveils a JPY 72.5 billion (US$480 million) subsidy to back Generative AI (GenAI) development by five local firms, including...
Monday 22 April 2024
Honda will utilize cheaper steel vehicle bodies to counter China-made EVs
Reducing production costs has been a major task for carmakers as a price war persists in the EV market. According to Nikkei, Honda Motor is trying to produce integrated vehicle...
Monday 22 April 2024
Will reported Mexican policy change impact BYD and Tesla ambition?
Mexico has reportedly declined to offer incentives to China-based EV players for their sites in the country due to pressure from the US.
Monday 22 April 2024
Will Taiwan's government approve TSMC's plan to produce 2nm chips in America?
Upon TSMC Arizona's signing of a Preliminary Memorandum of Terms (PMT) with the Biden Administration, the decision to manufacture 2nm chips in its third fab and part of the second...
Monday 22 April 2024
China has become an insatiable market for lithography equipment
With ASML recently stating that 20% of their recent orders are held by Chinese customers and nearly half of their revenue comes from China, the future operation trend of the world's...
Friday 19 April 2024
Samsung makes debut at Beijing auto show to promote car semiconductors
To penetrate the Chinese mobility market, Samsung Electronics' Device Solutions Division is poised to attend the upcoming Beijing International Automotive Exhibition for the first...
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