India's eInfochips plans to scale up capacity, invest more in high power electronics

Prasanth Aby Thomas, DIGITIMES, Bangalore 0

In a recent update, the Indian engineering and design services company eInfochips has revealed plans to expand its engineering capacity and boost investments in high-power electronics.

Speaking to Digitimes Asia, Gauravkumar Patel, VP and GM for product engineering services at eInfochips, highlighted that the increasing focus on sustainable solutions across industries is driving demand in this segment. This strategic move aims to enhance the company's capabilities in addressing the growing need for high-power electronic solutions, aligning with the global trend towards sustainability.

"Given the increasing focus on electrification, sustainability, and net-zero initiatives, we see high-power electronics as a growth area," Patel said. "We are also seeing an accelerated adoption of Wide Bandgap Semiconductor materials, such as SiC -Silicon Carbide, GaN-Gallium Nitride, and advanced cooling solutions. We plan to scale up our engineering capabilities to cater to the growing demand and new technologies, including investing in new equipment at our High-Power CoE."

Addressing the increasing challenges of high-power design

The rising demand for high-power electronics presents several challenges for companies in the industry. eInfochips is addressing these issues for its clients by establishing a Center of Excellence in Swindon. This initiative is part of the company's effort to meet the needs of customers facing difficulties in this rapidly evolving sector.

"High-power design is becoming increasingly challenging to customers due to several factors such as lack of expertise in power electronics, stringent functional safety and reliability requirements, and the necessity for costly testing equipment," Patel pointed out. "The High-Power CoE has state-of-the-art tools, test equipment, and qualified engineering talent to tackle these challenges. The team has combined experience of working on 100-plus high-power products across diverse industry segments."

The primary objective of the High-Power Center of Excellence in Swindon is to help its customers navigate the challenges associated with high-power electronics design and enable them to effectively plan and manage their high-power product roadmap and lifecycles.

"The CoE has end-to-end power electronics design capability to support customers across the product lifecycle," Patel said. "The capabilities include electrical and mechanical design, thermal analysis and 3D modeling, PCB schematic and layout, prototyping, software programming, quality process and management, design for manufacture, documentation, safety compliance, production testing, product qualification, and environmental testing. We can also support customers on turnkey manufacturing."

Targeting customers in various verticals

The company's Center of Excellence is strategically positioned to focus on key areas such as electric vehicles, battery management systems (BMS), renewable energy, battery storage, grid infrastructure, and electric Vertical Take-Off and Landing (eVTOL) systems. This initiative underscores the company's commitment to advancing technological solutions in these critical and emerging sectors.

"Our high-power CoE specializes in designing inverters, motor controllers, HV systems, and electric vehicle powertrains," said Patel. "This includes expertise in AC-DC / DC-DC, designs, with power levels spanning from 1-100kW and a focus on utilizing cutting-edge SiC technology."

Highlighting the significant impact of high-power solutions on electrification and sustainability efforts, particularly within the electric vehicles (EVs) and renewable energy sectors, Patel detailed the company's contributions to a major Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) in the automotive industry. This example underscores the company's role in driving advancements in these critical areas.

"We recently developed a High Voltage DC-DC Converter for a leading automotive OEM," Patel said, "DC-DC Converters convert input electrical energy into output electrical energy with high efficiency, reducing energy waste and loss. This helps improve energy utilization and prolong battery life. We also developed multiple Level 2 AC chargers for electric vehicles, contributing to electrification and sustainability."

eInfochips' strategy to enhance its engineering capabilities and invest in advanced technologies may be seen as a clear response to the growing demand for complex electronic solutions. By addressing the challenges of high-power design and concentrating on key industries, eInfochips seeks to improve its market position and facilitate the broader transition towards more sustainable and electrified technologies.