Thursday 15 February 2024
India's eInfochips plans to scale up capacity, invest more in high power electronics
In a recent update, the Indian engineering and design services company eInfochips has revealed plans to expand its engineering capacity and boost investments in high-power electron...
Tuesday 27 December 2022
Eris Tech to transform into III-V power IC backend house
Power diode specialist Eris Technology is looking to expand its Si and SiC MOSFET backend business at its new production capacity that will come online in 2024 to meet demand for...
Tuesday 18 October 2022
GF secures US$30 million in federal funding
US senator Patrick Leahy and GlobalFoundries (GF) have announced the award of US$30 million in federal funding to advance the development and production of next-generation gallium...
Thursday 16 June 2022
Taiwan makers challenged in SiC applications for EV, industrial control
It has become an irreversible trend to incorporate third-generation semiconductor materials such as silicon carbide (SiC) into power devices and modules for electric vehicles (EV)...
Wednesday 25 August 2021
Leadframe demand for car power modules promising in next 2-3 years
Taiwan-based leadframe makers Shuen Der Industry (SDI) and Jih Lin Technology are optimistic about shipments for automotive power components and modules over the next two to three...
Thursday 27 May 2021
IC test interface vendors keenly developing high-specs solutions for EV chips
IC test interfaces that can withstand high current of up to 1,000 A and high voltage of 1,200V will see a significant surge in demand for processing high-current driver ICs and other...
Monday 7 January 2019
Transcom, IntelliEPI taps GaAs, GaSb devices into military sector
Taiwan-based compound semiconductor components suppliers including Transcom and Intelligent Epitaxy Technology (IntelliEPI) are aggressively venturing their GaAs, GaN and GaSb devices...
Friday 19 January 2018
High Power Lighting ships EV-C LED devices
Invisible LED packaging service provider High Power Lighting (HPL) has begun shipments of UV-C LED devices for water purification and household disinfection, according to company...
Friday 6 October 2017
HPL develops UV-C LED devices for disinfection
Invisible LED packaging service provider High Power Lighting (HPL) has been working with LED wafer and chip maker Epileds Technologies to develop UV-C (ultraviolet in wavelength of...
Friday 18 November 2016
Epileds Technologies, High Power Lighting cooperate on UV-C LEDs
LED epitaxial wafer and chip maker Epileds Technologies and invisible LED packaging service provider and module maker High Power Lighting have cooperated to develop UV-C LED products,...
Thursday 27 October 2016
Epileds and High Power Lighting cooperate to offer UV-C LED products
LED epitaxial wafer and chip maker Epileds Technologies has cooperated with invisible LED packaging service provider High Power Lighting to produce UV-C LED products and will offer...
Wednesday 29 January 2014
Super high power LEDs to be in 50% of lighting shipments by 2017, says firm
According to Strategies Unlimited, revenues for LEDs in lighting applications, which includes both replacement lamps and luminaires, are expected to have a CAGR of 30% and reach a...
Thursday 25 October 2012
iWatt targets high power density in ultra-small overall adapter size with new devices
iWatt, a provider of digital-centric power management integrated circuits (ICs) has launched two new products that the company says will raise the bar for no-load standby power consumption...
Thursday 18 October 2012
High Power Opto enlists Semileds as shareholder
Taiwan-based LED firm High Power Opto has enlisted Semileds to become a shareholder with a close to 10% stake, which makes Semileds the largest single shareholder of the firm. High...
Thursday 17 May 2012
High Power Opto begins mass production of blue, green LED chips on silicon substrates
High Power Opto LED (HPOLED) chairman KH Huang said the company has begun mass production of blue and green LED chips on silicon substrates, making it the world's third to make blue...
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