Public cloud platforms turn to offer special AI solutions for specific industries, says Digitimes Research

Joyce Chen, DIGITIMES Research, Taipei

Amazon Web Service (AWS) has announced industrial AI solutions designed specifically for the manufacturing industry that provides sensor and image recognition equipment.

The move has helped AWS expand its business coverage to the AIoT market and showed that public cloud services providers are already able to enhance their AI as a service (AIaaS) from general purposes to applications for specific industries, Digitimes Research noted.

This will accelerate the penetration of AI and help industries conduct digital transformation, but will undermine AI startups as well as existing AIoT device makers and service providers.

Many public cloud platforms have offered general-type AIaaS to satisfy their enterprise clients' needs, but lacking domain knowhow, many enterprises find the platforms difficult to use, resulting in weak demand for the services. To improve the situation, public cloud service providers have begun releasing AI solutions for specific industries.