Thursday 7 December 2023
Samsung and SK Hynix will both supply HBM3 for AWS Trainium 2
Following Nvidia and AMD's footsteps, cloud service provider AWS has started to design its proprietary artificial intelligence (AI) chips. This move is deemed beneficial for the growth...
Thursday 7 December 2023
Taiwan ASIC developers gain from intense AI chip race
According to industry sources, more cloud service providers (CSP) are building their own AI chips, which benefits Taiwan-based ASIC service and silicon IP providers.
Tuesday 5 December 2023
BMW and Amazon elevate driving experience with advanced Alexa integration
Amazon has recently downsized its Alexa department, leading to the layoffs of hundreds of employees. Despite this, BMW has highlighted the advancement of Alexa technology in their...
Tuesday 5 December 2023
Jeff Bezos' Project Kuiper and AWS integration: a stellar leap in global satellite internet services
From Blue Origin to Project Kuiper and the seamless integration with AWS, Jeff Bezos' space ambitions are no longer just dreams; they're manifesting into reality with each satellite...
Thursday 30 November 2023
Live from AWS re:Invent 2023: AWS showcases AI technology and human-machine interface revolution
The generative AI application boom has caused many companies to believe that it will massively change human-machine collaboration interfaces. At its annual re:Invent event, leading...
Wednesday 29 November 2023
AWS and Nvidia unveil Project Ceiba and bring GH200 into Cloud
Nvidia co-founder and CEO Jensen Huang showed up at the AWS re:Invent conference and announced a strategic collaboration between the two companies. AWS will become the first cloud...
Tuesday 28 November 2023
Leveraging AWS resources to drive innovations, TBCASoft enables new possibilities for cross-border mobile payments
Today, Taiwanese citizens visiting Japan can use the mobile payment APPs they are accustomed to, such as JKOPay, to scan the QR code of Japan's PayPay to make payments at stores that...
Wednesday 22 November 2023
AWS's generative AI functions support Taiwan startups innovation
The rapid development of artificial intelligence (AI) has changed many aspects of our lives. In particular, the launch of generative AI at the end of 2022 has created a large wave...
Friday 17 November 2023
TSMC secures 5nm AI chip orders from Microsoft
TSMC has received AI chip orders from major cloud service providers (CSP), including Microsoft's 5nm chip orders, according to industry sources.
Thursday 16 November 2023
AWS Joint Innovation Center showcases startup solutions in digital transformation and sustainability in Kaohsiung
Committed to driving Taiwan's startup developments, Startup Terrace Kaohsiung AWS Joint Innovation Center (JIC) hosted Startup Demo Day on November 8th. The event gathered seven startup...
Wednesday 1 November 2023
Cloud expansion hits snag: US providers grapple with slowing growth amidst AI and geopolitical shifts
Recent financial reports from the top three American public cloud service providers indicate a notable slowdown in revenue growth. This deceleration has raised questions within the...
Tuesday 17 October 2023
Samsung, SK Hynix keen on CXL DRAM development to unlock new opportunities beyond HBM
In the rapidly evolving semiconductor industry, the emergence of CXL (Compute Express Link) as an interconnect specification has captured the spotlight. Samsung Electronics and SK...
Wednesday 27 September 2023
Generative AI scale to double in 3 years, says expert Andrew Ng
The scale of generative AI is estimated to double in three years, but its widespread adoption must still rely on developers creating more customized applications, according to Andrew...
Friday 22 September 2023
AI GPU demand remains strong, says AWS
AI GPU demand remains strong and the chip shortage has yet to have a significant impact on Amazon Web Services (AWS), according to Robert Wang, managing director of AWS in Taiwan...
Monday 18 September 2023
Could Arm rely on licensing customized SoC solutions beyond standard IPs as new profit booster after IPO?
With SoftBank-backed IP giant Arm launching a blockbuster IPO (initial public offering) on the US Nasdaq market on September 14 at a unit share price of US$51, its CEO Rene Haas bears...
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