Monday 15 April 2024
UK antitrust watchdog sirens market monopoly amid tech giants' AI investments
The UK's Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) cautioned tech giants about their AI investments, citing potential monopolistic behavior.
Thursday 11 April 2024
Biden and Kishida enlist Amazon, Nvidia to fund AI research
President Joe Biden and Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida have enlisted Inc. and Nvidia Corp. to fund a new joint artificial intelligence research program, as the two...
Thursday 28 March 2024
Amazon goes big on Anthropic with US$2.75 billion investment
Investment in Generative AI (GenAI) startups reached over US$29 billion in 2023.
Monday 25 March 2024
AWS invests US$5.8 billion, to build data centers in South Korea
Amazon's AWS is reportedly planning to construct data centers in South Korea.
Tuesday 19 March 2024
Samsung's Harman is kitting out robo-cabs
Zoox's robot taxi meets the level 5 autonomy mark.
Tuesday 19 March 2024
Nvidia announces AI GPU B200 and Blackwell architecture to be produced with TSMC 4nm tech
Nvidia announced at GPU Technology Conference (GTC) that it will launch the Blackwell architecture B100 and B200 GPUs in the second half of 2024, and will be manufactured by TSMC's...
Wednesday 13 March 2024
EU's Digital Markets Act targeting platform giants stirs concerns over US trade relations
The EU's Digital Markets Act (DMA) is now in effect, designating global online platform operators as "gatekeepers" to be regulated under this law.
Friday 8 March 2024
Amazon and Google-backed AI startup Anthropic claims newly released chatbot Claude 3 outperforms GPT-4 and Gemini Ultra
On March 4, Anthropic, an AI startup backed by Amazon and Google, launched its latest chatbot, Claude 3.
Tuesday 5 March 2024
Can Taiwan catch up with the LEO satellite boom?
The Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite industry will continue to thrive in 2024 as SpaceX plans to exceed its nearly 100 rocket launches in 2023, with a forecast of 144 launches this...
Tuesday 27 February 2024
Global server shipment forecast, 2024 and beyond


Friday 2 February 2024
GenAI boosts US tech giants' robust earnings amid market skepticism
Major American tech firms, including Microsoft and Alphabet, have recently unveiled their financial reports, with top executives acknowledging the positive impact of generative AI...
Tuesday 30 January 2024
US Wants Cloud Firms to Flag Foreign Users in China AI Race
The US wants cloud service providers such as Inc. and Microsoft Corp. to identify and actively investigate foreign clients developing artificial intelligence applications...
Wednesday 24 January 2024
Gen AI boom leads to mammoth big tech job purge
In 2023, the rise of Generative AI triggered substantial workforce culls across tech titans Apple, Google, Amazon, and Meta.
Friday 19 January 2024
What's difference between Matter 1.0, Matter 1.1, and Matter 1.2?
In 2019, Amazon, Apple, Google, and Zigbee Alliance members came together to form Project Connected Home over Internet Protocol (CHIP), a working group building a new standard that...
Wednesday 17 January 2024
Generative AI integration with knowledge base is a manufacturing game-changer, AWS reveals
Enterprises across industries are actively exploring applications of generative AI. Amazon Web Services (AWS) personnel highlight the integration of corporate knowledge bases as a...
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