TDDI chip shipments to top 500 million mark in 2018, says Digitimes Research

Osiris Hu, DIGITIMES Research, Taipei 0

Global TDDI (touch and display driver integration) chip shipments are expected to hit the five million mark in 2018, Digitimes Research estimates.

Novatek Microelectronics and Himax Technologies are set to join Synaptics and FocalTech Systems capable of volume producing their TDDI solutions for smartphone panels in 2018, according to Digitimes Research.

On the demand side, the growing popularity of bezel-less smartphones is encouraging flat display panel makers to ramp up their production of profiled all-screen displays. With the all-screen design becoming a popular feature for smartphones, the TDDI chip market is expected to grow robustly in 2018.

The 2018 market for TDDI chips will continue to be led by Synaptics, whose display driver IC lineup provides support for high panel resolutions such as Full HD (FHD), and LTPS (low-temperature poly-silicon) technology. Nevertheless, Synaptics with its relatively high prices compared to rivals will face more competition in the mainstream smartphone market segment, Digitimes Research believes.

Smartphone vendors are looking to increasingly adopt LTPS LCD panels in their bezel-less models in 2018 which will boost Synaptics' shipments during the year. In 2017, Synaptics' shipments were affected negatively by smartphone vendors' preference for AMOLED panels, as well as less-optimistic high-end smartphone shipments.

FocalTech has gradually expanded its presence in the mainstream smartphone segment with its chips supporting a-Si TFT LCD HD display resolutions, Digitimes Research has observed. FocalTech's TDDI chips still have a cost advantage over its new competitors in the mainstream segment, and the company is expected to enjoy significant shipment growth in 2018.