Digitimes Research: Qualcomm to enter server market with 24-core CPUs

Danny Kuo, DIGITIMES Research, Taipei 0

Qualcomm, which announced plans to begin developing ARM-based chips for servers in November 2014, has started delivering server-use CPU samples to potential clients and has also set up a company in Guizhou, China to promote the CPUs exclusively. These moves signify Qualcomm's determination to foray into the server processor market, according to Digitimes Research.

While the codename and model name of the forthcoming server chip are still not available, the company has revealed that the initial version will have 24 cores, and will have more in the future. The initial version has also been verified able to execute Virtual Machine (VM) software and to run Linux as well as other applications.

Qualcomm says the chip can be used for Big-Data mining and machine learning. Most server-use CPUs available currently do not pay particular attention to machine learning. However, Qualcomm's intentions to support machine learning technology still remain unclear.

While Qualcomm's technology and strategy for developing ARM-based server CPUs are similar to other industry forerunners, the company is focusing on establishing partner relationships, with companies including Xilinx and Mellanox Technologies, in order to step into the server market quickly, Digitimes Research commented.