Chinese suppliers may perform mergers to raise competitiveness in FWA CPE telecom equipment market, says DIGITIMES Research

Jim Chien, DIGITIMES Research, Taipei 0


China-based companies have occupied a good share of the fixed wireless access (FWA) customer premise equipment (CPE) module and telecom network equipment markets. However, since the 4G/5G FWA CPE telecom equipment market is still in the early stage of development, Chinese telecom network equipment suppliers are likely to start merging to strengthen their competitiveness in the market amid the US-China tech war, according to DIGITIMES Research's latest study on FWA CPE market.

Based on DIGITMES Research's observation, mmWave technologies are the key growth driver for the 5G FWA CPE RF market, while companies such as Qualcomm and MediaTek, which possess advanced mmWave technologies, are playing particularly important roles in supplying related chips.

Ericsson is estimated to achieve a total connection of nearly 100 million devices via 5G FWA in 2025, a number surpassing that of via 4G FWA. By 2028, the total number of connections via 4G/5G FWA is expected to hit 300 million, indicating that the 5G FWA CPE RF market is filled with potential. DIGITIMES Research believes that among all components, 5G mmWave AiPs and beamformers will have the highest growth potential.

US- and Japan-based suppliers combined are now taking a nearly 90% share of the FWA CPE RF market. Qualcomm, with advantages in developing baseband processors, is able to integrate RF front-end modules into its processors to offer complete solutions to its customers and is now having a 50% share of the market.

US-based RF system suppliers Qorvo and Skyworks are also technology leaders in the FWA CPE RF market. With the tech war between the US and China continuing to heat up, the US is likely to impose another wave of sanctions on Chinese enterprises targeting RF-related technologies.

Chinese equipment suppliers together occupy over 15% of the 4G/5G FWA CPE telecom equipment market with China also being the largest market for related modules and equipment. Although each Chinese supplier's market share is still small at the moment, these companies are likely to start merging in a bid to expand their presence in the market.