Taiwan PC monitor shipments decreased by over 17% in 3Q22, says DIGITIMES Research

Betty Shyu, DIGITIMES Research, Taipei 0

Credit: DIGITIMES Asia

Taiwan's PC monitor shipments went down 17.5% sequentially and 18.1% on year to arrive at only 19 million units in the third quarter and the volumes will slip further in the fourth quarter, rounding out the annual volumes in 2022 to 132 million units, down 9.2% on year.

The shipment decline is due mainly to rising inflation and mature markets' increasing interest rates, which has led to shrinking demand from the end market.

Taiwanese makers contributed slightly less than 63% of worldwide PC monitor shipments in the third quarter, down from 63.4% in the second quarter, as Korea-based LG Electronics and Samsung Electronics both acted keenly pushing shipments to meet their targets at the end of the third quarter, while China-based monitor maker Lehui also enjoyed increased orders from HP and Samsung Electronics and shipments for own-brand products.

After accounting for over 80% of Taiwan's PC monitor shipments for the first time in the second quarter, monitors sized 22-inch and above went back down slightly in the third quarter, while the shares of the all size segments between 22.x- to 26.x-inch all had decreased percentages.

The 23.x-inch remained the largest segment, seeing its share dip 1pp sequentially to 44.9% in the third quarter. The share of 27-inch and above continued to rise in the third quarter.

TPV, the largest monitor maker in Taiwan, only had a mild shipment decline in the third quarter as the ODM is pushing its shipments keenly in a bid to meet its annual target. TPV contributed over 48% of Taiwan's monitor shipments in the third quarter, increasing from a quarter ago, while all other ODMs saw their shares slip on quarter.

With TPV's robust shipments and other non-Taiwanese makers experiencing unsatisfactory performance, Taiwan's worldwide share is expected to climb back to above 64%, while TPV's share in Taiwan shipments will also rise back to around 50%.