Taiwan makers eyeing Open RAN

Roger Huang, DIGITIMES Research, Taipei 0

Open RAN (Open Radio Access Network) is one of the options for telecom operators' deployments in the 5G era. As Open RAN can adopt COTS (commercial off the shelf) or GPP (general purposed processor) hardware, such as x86 servers, Taiwan's makers may be able to seize the chance and carve out a piece in a telecom equipment market that has been dominated by Ericsson, Nokia and Huawei.

Taiwanese maker are particularly eyeing private networks for enterprises. As hardware-software integration plays a crucial role in Open RAN, Taiwanese makers are not only developing hardware but also honing their system integration capability.

Eyeing such business opportunities from private networks include Alpha Networks, which set up a subsidiary Transnet in First-quarter 2019. Its goal is to integrate Qisda's products with its own, first targeting smart manufacturing. It is current testing smart manufacturing lines at its own plants.

Compal Electronics has set up a 5G lab or its partners to test its products, such as Lions Taiwan Technology. Askey has set up a smart city department to provide integrated services. It is currently testing its smart manufacturing solutions at a plant in Taoyuan, northern Taiwan.

Taiwan makers' deployments for private networks



Alpha Networks

Set up Transnet

Seeking to integrate Qisda products

Alpha Networks plant as test site


Set up smart city department to provide integrated services


5G lab for partners to test products


Set up Quanta Cloud Technology

Software R&D

CU/DU/RU end-to-end solutions

Source: Digitimes Research, August 2020