Zhi He uses AI detection to boost wafer grinding quality

Chloe Liao, Taipei; Willis Ke, DIGITIMES Asia 0

Taiwan startup Zhi He Technology has developed AI-based AOI (automated optical inspection) equipment that detects defects at diamond grinding wheels aiming to help boost wafer thinning efficiency.

Zhi He is one of a few startups tapping into the miniature flawed images detection recognition for the semiconductor industry. Printed circuit board and display panel sectors now command 64% and 15% of AOI applications market, with the remaining 21% for semiconductor, solar cell and healthcare sectors.

Utilizing AI to detect defective diamond grinding tools for wafer thinning process will become a new lucrative service segment for AOI application, a company engineer said, adding that the detection used to be done with human eyes.

The engineer stressed that AI-based detection can help boost diamond grinding efficiency and quality and raise yield rates for wafer thinning. The company will incorporate AI technology into more automated equipment including robotic arms.

Zhi He's AI AOI can also detect the surface curvature and smoothness of contact lens molds.