Digitimes Research: Various robots showcased at RoboDEX 2017

Jessie Lin, DIGITIMES Research, Taipei 0

Various types of robots were exhibited at RoboDEX 2017 in Tokyo, Japan, during January 18-20, including collaborative, humanoid, assistant and receptionist robots, according to Digitimes Research.

Japan-based Fanuc, in view of growing demand for IoT-integrated robots, has developed FIELD System, an open platform for such robots with AI (artificial intelligence) functions, failure early warning and detection, remote control and industrial Big Data analysis, Digitimes Research indicated.

Denmark-based Universal Robots showcased R5, a collaborative robot capable of Chinese calligraphy, while Hitachi exhibited movable collaborative robots to be launched in the third quarter of 2017 at JPY17 million (US$151,200).

Japan-based Kokoro showcased humanoid robots which have been used in hotel lobbies to receive visitors and will be used in Narita International Airport later in February 2017. NEC exhibited PaPeRo i, a robotic dog used to receive visitors at commercial facilities.

Toshiba showcased ExPAS, a wearable assistant robot able to reduce burden on users' knees by 15kg. ExPAS is mainly for use by logistics workers and old people.

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