Digitimes Research: South Korea expected to develop large-size flexible displays based on AMOLED, PI substrates and roll-to-roll process in 2016

Ricky Tu, DIGITIMES Research, Taipei 0

South Korea is expected to adopt AMOLED display technology, PI (polyimide) plastic substrates, organic TFT driving technology and roll-to-roll process to develop large-size flexible displays in 2016, according to Digitimes Research.

Display technology, substrate materials and driving technology are key to flexible displays, Digitimes Research indicated. AMOLED, LCD and E-ink's electronic paper can be adopted for flexible displays, while available substrate materials include plastic, metal foil, ultra-thin glass and paper. As for driving technologies, there are a-Si TFT, low-temperature poly-Si TFT, oxide TFT and organic TFT.

For substrate materials, plastic is better than ultra-thin glass in flexibility and more transparent than metal foil and paper. Among different plastic materials, PI is the best in chemical and thermal resistance and insulation.

Therefore, the choice of AMOLED, PI, organic TFT and roll-to-roll process seems to be the optimal combination for developing large-size flexible displays.