Monday 1 April 2024
BYD reviewing suppliers' production capacity invites market suspicions
BYD maintains a leading position in the fierce Chinese market as it grows overseas.
Friday 29 March 2024
PCB makers see high demand for satellite, auto applications
According to industry sources, PCBs for satellite communication and automotive applications are in high demand, prompting Taiwanese PCB makers to scale up their production capacity...
Wednesday 27 March 2024
Taiwan delivers over 90% of global AI server shipments, says MOEA
Taiwanese manufacturers dominate over 90% of the global AI server shipments, and all American brand vendors are expected to source their AI servers from Taiwanese partners, according...
Wednesday 27 March 2024
Research Insight: Intel obtains subsidies but faces challenges
Vying for government subsidies would be the easiest assignment for Intel when it comes to expanding its foundry business, DIGITIMES Research believes.
Tuesday 26 March 2024
With HBM pie too tempting, could Micron sacrifice production capacity for other memory chips?
Micron Technology has seen its orders for High Bandwidth Memory (HBM) wait to be fulfilled throughout 2025.
Monday 25 March 2024
China's Big Fund III may top US$40 billion to bolster domestic chips and equipment self-production
China is aggressively raising funds to support sustained double-digit annual growth in domestic chip production capacity and cultivate homegrown equipment development for import substitution,...
Friday 22 March 2024
CSCC eyeing bigger presence in compound semiconductor sector
China Steel Chemical Corporation (CSCC)recently developed 5N-grade high-purity carbon powder and graphite crucibles that have been adopted by Taiwanese compound semiconductor firms...
Thursday 21 March 2024
Why IDMs are increasing their GaN production capacity
Market experts have noted a trend towards IDM dominance in the GaN semiconductor market, exemplified by Infineon's acquisition of GaN Systems and major power semiconductor firms expanding...
Tuesday 19 March 2024
TSMC chooses CoWoS factory site while continuing 3nm capacity expansion
TSMC confirmed that a CoWoS advanced packaging factory will be set up in Chiayi, a farming county and mid-sized city combined (with a 700,000 population), located north of Tainan.
Tuesday 19 March 2024
Foxconn, Quanta, and Wistron have high hopes for AI servers
Taiwan-based ODMs and contract device manufacturers including Hon Hai Technology Group (Foxconn), Quanta Computer, and Wistron have high expectations for AI server sales this year.
Monday 18 March 2024
Visco Vision expands production capacity for contact lenses amid growing market demand
Taiwan-based Visco Vision, a specialist in contact lenses and a subsidiary of polarizer maker BenQ Materials, anticipates a surge in revenues for 2024, buoyed by strong support from...
Monday 18 March 2024
IntelliEPI expands epitaxy capacity as defense orders increase
Intelligent Epitaxy Technology Inc (IntelliEPI), a leading provider of epitaxy service for compound semiconductors like Indium Phosphide (InP), Gallium Arsenide (GaAs), and...
Wednesday 13 March 2024
Air cargo capacity shortage could be supply chain breaking point
The shipping industry, passenger or cargo, has slowly recovered to pre-COVID-19 levels. It is worth noting that since air cargo capacities were booked up by e-commerce demand, failing...
Tuesday 12 March 2024
Space battery pioneer Hitachi Zozen lands first all-solid-state-battery order
Hitachi Zozen has received its first commercial order for All-Solid-State Lithium-Ion Batteries (ASSLBs).
Thursday 7 March 2024
Backend houses gearing up for AI chip boom
The arrival of the Artificial Intelligence (AI) age has underscored the increasing importance of semiconductor packaging and testing, with makers stepping up efforts to expand advanced...
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