Friday 19 April 2024
TQP to dedicate all capacity of its new plant to TSMC's 3nm advanced processes
Topco Quartz Products (TQP) is a joint venture between Topco Scientific (TSC) and Shin-Etsu Quartz. TQP's new plant in southern Taiwan, whose opening ceremony was held on April 18,...
Tuesday 16 April 2024
PlayNitride to triple wafer capacity in 2024, projects MicroLEDs to cost less than OLEDs by 2030
Taiwanese MicroLED vendor PlayNitride is set to triple its wafer capacity by the end of 2024, chairman Charles Li has said at a recent investor conference, while also projecting that...
Monday 15 April 2024
Samsung and SK Hynix reportedly to resume memory capacity expansion plans
Market rumors said Samsung Electronics and SK Hynix are planning to resume the capacity expansion plans at its Pyeongtaek and Cheongju fabs, which were put on hold during the previous...
Monday 15 April 2024
China's chip equipment industry gains momentum in import substitution, alarming foreign suppliers
China currently relies heavily on imports for over 85% of its semiconductor equipment needs, showcasing a self-supply rate of only about 14%.
Friday 12 April 2024
Android adoption of Gemini for gen AI


Thursday 11 April 2024
Win Win Precision harnesses new energy and semiconductor innovations as growth driver
With new energy and semiconductor components as its two major operating engines, Taiwan's Win Win Precision Technology is looking to advanced light storage and smart energy management...
Tuesday 9 April 2024
Microchip expands speciality node partnership with TSMC
Microchip Technology has announced an expansion of its partnership with TSMC to enable specialized 40nm manufacturing capacity at Japan Advanced Semiconductor Manufacturing (JASM),...
Tuesday 9 April 2024
China, South Korea worry local battery makers' overseas expansion will impact global dominance
Chinese and South Korean battery manufacturers dominate LFP and ternary batteries for EVs and energy storage systems (ESS). However, as companies expand into foreign markets, the...
Tuesday 9 April 2024
Advanced chips 100% made in US will be possible
According to TSMC's announcement of a third fab for 2nm and more advanced chips, as well as Amkor Technology's intentions to develop an advanced packaging fab in Arizona, advanced...
Monday 8 April 2024
Amid US-China spat, new opportunities for Taiwan-based battery material suppliers
Prices have dropped for nickel and lithium, key materials used in batteries for Electric Vehicles (EV), as growth in the EV market has slowed. Even as suppliers begin to reduce production,...
Monday 1 April 2024
BYD reviewing suppliers' production capacity invites market suspicions
BYD maintains a leading position in the fierce Chinese market as it grows overseas.
Friday 29 March 2024
PCB makers see high demand for satellite, auto applications
According to industry sources, PCBs for satellite communication and automotive applications are in high demand, prompting Taiwanese PCB makers to scale up their production capacity...
Wednesday 27 March 2024
Taiwan delivers over 90% of global AI server shipments, says MOEA
Taiwanese manufacturers dominate over 90% of the global AI server shipments, and all American brand vendors are expected to source their AI servers from Taiwanese partners, according...
Wednesday 27 March 2024
Research Insight: Intel obtains subsidies but faces challenges
Vying for government subsidies would be the easiest assignment for Intel when it comes to expanding its foundry business, DIGITIMES Research believes.
Tuesday 26 March 2024
With HBM pie too tempting, could Micron sacrifice production capacity for other memory chips?
Micron Technology has seen its orders for High Bandwidth Memory (HBM) wait to be fulfilled throughout 2025.