Cadence says core EDA and IP domains are its India R&D center's focus

Prasanth Aby Thomas, DIGITIMES Asia, Bangalore 0

Credit: Cadence

To drive the technologies and products of the future, creative companies rely on end-to-end solutions across chips, IPs, packages, PCBs, and systems to meet strict design requirements and deliver superior products.

Cadence Design System wants to meet these challenges by formulating its Intelligent System Design strategy, which provides ideal computational software capabilities for all aspects of electronic system design. The company has invested significantly in this strategy, enabling end-to-end systems from devices to the cloud.

Being one of the earliest entrants to India and leveraging the country's engineering talent, Cadence's R&D team here makes a major contribution to global operations. In a recent conversation with DIGITIMES Asia, Alok Jain, Corporate VP for research and development at Cadence Design Systems, gave an overview of the company's current operations in India.

"Our R&D efforts in India focus on core EDA and IP domains, including Digital Design, Custom IC design, Packaging and PCB, System Verification, and IP," Jain said. "India's R&D Centers are also making significant contributions to our system innovation initiatives, particularly in the areas of 3D IC and high-speed RF designs.

"We are also making significant contributions in the area of Pervasive Intelligence, which integrates advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) into Cadence products."

Innovations from the India team

Cadence's India R&D teams, which have deep domain expertise, have collaborated with their global R&D teams on works that include the company's AI-enabled technologies across the breadth of their portfolio, including digital design and signoff, verification, hardware emulation, and more. Over the last 30 years, the India team has filed and granted hundreds of patents.

"One of the key strengths of our India R&D centers is close collaboration with top global and local customers in the region, as well as with other Cadence R&D teams around the world," Jain said. "By actively engaging with our customers, understanding their challenges, and proposing tailor-made solutions, we have been able to deliver innovative products and technologies that meet their specific requirements.

"This customer-centric approach has been pivotal in driving our recent innovations and breakthroughs."

Skill development and technical training

Skill development and continuous technical upgradation are essential in a high-tech industry. Over the years, Cadence has established a framework that empowers its R&D engineers to continually enhance their expertise, drive innovation, and deliver value to customers worldwide.

Their comprehensive framework is designed to enhance both technical and soft skills across various operational aspects. It includes a structured new hire training program spanning one year, which combines online and on-the-job training focused on each Cadence technology and provides an overview of EDA.

To maintain technical vitality, the company engages in activities such as internal and external technical conferences, hackathons, technical leadership connections, and patent committees. These initiatives are aimed at fostering innovation and encouraging the writing of technical papers.

Additionally, the framework includes training on the latest technological advancements in respective fields and hands-on tool training that offers deep dives into specific development tools. Soft skills development is also emphasized, covering areas such as communication, collaboration, and leadership. Furthermore, their University Connect programs facilitate knowledge exchange with universities and professors, enhancing collaborative efforts in research and development.

Talent expansion plans

Over the past thirty years, Cadence has solidified its presence in India by strategically expanding its R&D workforce. The company's achievements during this period stem from a mix of organic and inorganic growth, alongside a commitment to nurturing new talent through a structured internship program and the strategic recruitment of technical professionals.

"Our unique program, the Talent Pipeline Program, leverages our strong partnerships with academic institutions across India," Jain said. "By engaging with students early on through internships, workshops, and collaborative projects, we are able to create a robust talent pipeline and provide them with the necessary resources and mentorship to excel in their careers at Cadence."