AI and IoT convergence: Taiwanese innovators shine at MWC Barcelona 2024

Allen Hsieh, Taipei; Vyra Wu, DIGITIMES Asia 0


Today marks the grand opening of the MWC Barcelona 2024, where the global communication industry converges to unveil groundbreaking innovations. Departing from its traditional focus on smartphones, this year's MWC embraces a broader spectrum of technological advancements.

Once synonymous with unveiling cutting-edge smartphones, MWC has evolved into a platform for "5G+N" cross-domain integration applications. According to GSMA, the organizer behind MWC, the attendance of non-telecom industry representatives soared to an impressive 56% at the 2023 event, underscoring the event's transformation into a multidimensional technology extravaganza. In 2024, the conference promises deeper explorations into the intersections of telecommunications, AI, satellites, transportation, and manufacturing, with a keen eye on the evolving landscape of 6G technology, a topic that has garnered increasing attention and progress in recent years.

This year's MWC features over 50 Taiwanese exhibitors, including industry giants MediaTek, Compal, Gigabyte, Liteon, Acer, Askey Computer, and Sercomm.

Taiwanese exhibitors, renowned for their expertise in vertical specialization and indispensable role in the global supply chain, are showcasing innovations aligned with three key themes echoing the overarching theme of cross-industry integration.

Firstly, there's a spotlight on Open RAN innovations and integration solutions, with offerings ranging from 5G millimeter-wave technology arrays to 5G Smart RAN software solutions and private network management systems.

Foremost among these is the array of cutting-edge products and integration solutions centered around Open RAN technology. Aethertek unveils its groundbreaking 5G millimeter-wave technology array antenna, while Synergy Design Technology showcases its innovative 5G Smart RAN software solution. Additionally, ITRI presents its comprehensive private network management system and open architecture base station solution, complemented by Alpha Networks and D-Link's robust 5G Open RAN solution. Notably, Ataya Harmony introduces its pioneering globally heterogeneous private network and intelligent management platform, setting new standards in network versatility and efficiency.

These solutions are poised to revolutionize network architectures, offering enhanced openness, flexibility, and efficiency.

Secondly, AI technology takes center stage, with exhibitors demonstrating the integration of AI's data processing capabilities with Industrial IoT (IIoT) solutions. The aim is to unlock deeper value in smart industry applications. From edge-to-cloud connectivity solutions to AI-driven industrial intelligence and high-bandwidth, low-latency network solutions, Taiwanese exhibitors are showcasing a diverse array of AI-enabled innovations poised to transform industries.

Lastly, there's a strong emphasis on developing intelligent open network backbone systems tailored to meet the evolving needs of telecom operators and data centers. These end-to-end solutions promise to deliver robust network architectures capable of supporting immersive experiences, AI assistance, and smart city applications.

As the world eagerly anticipates the next wave of communication innovations, MWC serves as a crucial nexus where industry leaders converge to shape the future of global connectivity.