B2B to be key revenue contributor of ChatGPT in the long term, says DIGITIMES Research

Wing Huang, DIGITIMES Research, Taipei 0


The fad for ChatGPT is driving up the growth of the generative AI market with figures from financial data company PitchBook showing that venture capitals in the US invested a total of US$2 billion in generative AI companies in 2022. DIGITIMES Research expects the B2B-type of businesses to be the key revenue contributors for ChatGPT-related products.

At the moment, among generative AI text communication products, OpenAI's ChatGPT is performing the best in terms of the ability in responding to a conversation, featuring around 1.3 billion reinforcement learning from human feedback (RLHF). Data used to train ChatGPT was mainly from data websites, text-based websites, e-books, and Wikipedia.

ChatGPT is currently using a B2C business model and is offering its services in three major plans: Free plan, ChatGPT Plus, and Professional plan. ChatGPT Plus and Professional plan both offer users increased response speed, uninterrupted usage during peak time, and the privilege to use new functionalities.

However, B2B business models such as collaboration with Microsoft's Bing, Edge, and Office 365 as well as the offering of ChatGPT's application programming Interface (API) are expected to become the key revenue contributors in the future.

Microsoft has recently launched a Bing search engine that has been integrated with ChatGPT and has brought pressure on Google. However, with the support of AI in search data, issues such as data accuracy as well as legal and privacy matters will also become problems that need to be dealt with, DIGITIMES Research concluded.