Energy storage systems in growing demand in Taiwan, says Foxwell president

Ninelu Tu, Taipei; Adam Hwang, DIGITIMES Asia 0

Foxwell Power president Hau Xia-peng. Credit: DIGITIMES

Along with development of PV and offshore wind power generation, demand for energy storage systems is fast growing in Taiwan, according to president Hau Xia-peng for green energy trading platform Foxwell Power.

In terms of architecture, an energy storage system fundamentally consists of power flow and information flow, the former made up of electricity transformation and battery systems, and the latter basically energy management and grid controlling systems, Hau explained.

Energy storage systems can help renewable energy generators transform generated electricity, adjust frequency of generation and smooth power output as well as provide conventional electricity generators with reserve power supply and AGC (automatic generation control) functionality, Hau said. Besides, energy storage systems can provide operating reserve and regulation reserve for operators of power transmission and distribution as well as help power users balance power demand and supply and set up micro-grids for own use, Hau noted.

Energy storage systems can be used either in in-front-of-the-meter mode by which energy storage systems are connected with power grids to supply electricity for outside users, or behind-the-meter mode by which such systems are used to store energy for own use without being connected with power grids, Hau indicated.

Taiwan aims at cumulative total installation capacity of 20GWp for PV power-generating facilities and 5.7GW for offshore wind turbines in 2025. Hau said. Large power users are required to set up renewable energy generating capacities and enterprises are increasingly making efforts to attain RE100, Hau noted, adding Taiwan'S energy storage market is developing in a stage characterized by larger demand than supply, Hau indicated.

Foxwell has signed MoU for green energy purchase with Foxconn Electronics, Nanya Technology, Phison Electrics and other enterprises, with green energy to be resold by more than 30 suppliers.