Monday 27 November 2023
Infortrend operations remain stable due to AI-driven data storage increase
AI has driven demand for big data analysis and has jointly boosted the momentum of the storage industry. Storage provider Infortrend pointed out that in previous years, the storage...
Thursday 23 November 2023
Northvolt develops sodium-ion battery for energy storage system
Sweden-based battery maker Northvolt announced that it has developed sodium-ion batteries. The cost-effective technology can support deploying energy storage systems (ESS). In addition,...
Thursday 23 November 2023
Fan maker ADDA targets high profits in automotive and energy storage
Thermal solution manufacturer ADDA has successfully transitioned its business strategy, with the company's highly volatile IT products division now accounting for mere single-digit...
Tuesday 14 November 2023
Huawei's OlympusMons Award enters 4th year, seeking innovative data storage solutions
Despite odds and challenges amid tightening US restrictions, Huawei Technologies continues to carry on innovation efforts as the company recently announced its 2023...
Friday 3 November 2023
T-head launches SSD controller chip
T-Head Semiconductor, an Alibaba affiliate, has unveiled its first-ever SSD controller IC, the Zhenyue 510, for enterprise storage.
Monday 23 October 2023
Ensuring power supply reliability in Taiwan's growing residential energy storage sector
The reliability of power supply impacts not only industrial and economic development but also the day-to-day needs of individuals. With the surge in electricity demand and occasional...
Wednesday 18 October 2023
Phison to mass produce PCIe 5.0 retimer chips in 1Q24
Phison Electronics, a specialist in NAND flash device controllers, is set to enter mass production of PCIe 5.0 retimer ICs in the first quarter of 2024, anticipating a surge in server...
Tuesday 17 October 2023
Taiwan's battery energy storage market expected to reach US$6.2 billion
As demand for energy storage systems and EVs rises, the battery industry continues to grow. Like many other countries, Taiwan is trying to localize battery production while facing...
Friday 13 October 2023
IC distributors post double-digit revenue increases in 3Q23
Major Taiwan-based IC distributors have reported double-digit sequential revenue growth for the third quarter of 2023, as inventory replenishment for mobile and several other device...
Wednesday 11 October 2023
Supermicro highlights AI as next industrial revolution; foundation of new era lies with digital data creation, storage, and processing
In 2024, the semiconductor sector will face several major changes. At the forefront of these changes are innovations in high-performance computing (HPC) and AI server supply chains...
Wednesday 4 October 2023
Advancing towards net-zero: insights on energy storage and digital transformation
The imminent implementation of the European Union's Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM) and the United States' Clean Competition Act (CCA) has prompted significant developments...
Monday 2 October 2023
Taya Group aims to bring solar and energy storage to 50% of energy profits
Ryan Shen, the Chairman of Taya Group, has underscored the company's strong commitment to renewable energy as a central pillar of its current strategic development. In the near term,...
Tuesday 19 September 2023
Taiwan's energy storage sector cools down, shifting to the heated U.S. and Japanese markets
The energy storage sector can be categorized into front-the-meter (FTM) and behind-the-meter (BTM). FTM systems require large-scale energy storage setups, while BTM systems primarily...
Monday 18 September 2023
Taiwan's energy storage chaos: BTM operators in observational mode
In the past few years, Taiwan Power Company's (Taipower) deployment of automatic frequency control (AFC) for energy storage has paved the way for the energy storage systems market...
Thursday 14 September 2023
Memory makers cautious about 2H23 customer shipment pull-ins
The new iPhone 15 series does not include 2TB of storage, and initial sales projections are less optimistic, causing memory manufacturers to be cautious about customer shipment pull-ins...