FSET begins operation of AFC energy storage system

Janet Kang, Tainan; Adam Hwang, DIGITIMES Asia 0

FSET chairwoman Sandy Wang. Credit: DIGITIMES

Formosa Smart Energy Tech (FSET), an LFP (lithium iron phosphate) battery maker belonging to the Formosa Plastics Group, has inaugurated an energy storage system with installation capacity of 5.0MW and total battery energy storage capacity of 5.3MWh in Tainan, southern Taiwan, according to the company.

FSET set up the system in collaboration with Skwentex Energy and Iontree. Skwentex was responsible for land acquisition, system design and planning for installation engineering and Iontree for operation and maintenance of the system.

The system will provide AFC (automatic frequency control) regulation reserve ancillary services via the Energy Trading Platform established by state-run Taiwan Power Company.

FSET will continue working with Skwentex and Iontree to set up another five energy storage systems totaling 50MW in other parts of Taiwan in 2023. The three companies will cooperate to set up a ultra-large energy storage system with installation capacity of 100MW and total battery energy storage capacity of 300MWh at a factory of Formosa Chemicals & Fiber, also a member the Formosa Plastics Group, in central Taiwan, with first-phase installation to be competed as early as the end of 2023.

Besides energy storage systems, FSET will set up a smart power grid with supply capacity of 100MW in Changhua County, central Taiwan, over the next 1-2 years, with operation expected to kick off in 2024.

In addition to production of LFP batteries, FSET has developed a battery management system and an energy management system, according to company chairwoman Sandy Wang, adding FSET will step into residential application of energy storage systems.

FSET is constructing an LFP battery factory with annual production capacity of 2.1GWh in central Taiwan, with completion scheduled for 2024, Wang noted.

Formosa Smart Energy Tech president he energy storage system installed in Tainan

FSET president Stephen Liu (left) and Iontree president Jeffrey Chuang in front of an energy storage system installed in Tainan.
Photo: Janet Kang, DIGITIMES, December 2022