J&V Energy Technology to set up largest energy storage system in Taiwan

Nuying Huang, Taipei; Adam Hwang, DIGITIMES Asia 0

J&V Energy Technology, an ECP (engineering, construction, procurement), operation and maintenance undertaker for PV power generation projects, will set up an energy storage system with an installation capacity of 100MW in northeastern Taiwan, the largest one so far in Taiwan, according to the company.

With construction to begin at the end of 2022, the energy storage system will be completed in the second half of 2023 and then come into operation for state-run Taiwan Power Company to provide AFC (automatic frequency control) ancillary services via its Energy Trading Platform (ETP), J&V Energy said.

According to the government's planning, the cumulative total installation capacity for renewable energy in Taiwan will increase to 27GW in 2025. Since the increasing connection of intermittent renewable energy with local grids will lead to unstable frequency of power supply systems, J&V Energy aims to develop and set up more energy storage systems to join ETP, the company noted.

J&V Energy will complete a PV power-generating station with installation capacity of 123MWp for fishery and electricity symbiosis, in southern Taiwan at the end of 2022, the largest one of its kind in Taiwan, the company indicated.

Besides, J&V Energy has joined a consortium that will develop two offshore wind farms in the near future.

GreenNet, J&V Energy's subsidiary, has resold the largest cumulative volume of green power among green power resellers in Taiwan.