Highlights of the day: COVID surge casts shadow over Taiwan supply chain


As COVID-19 cases surge in Taiwan, concerns have been raised over the stability of chip supply from the local semiconductor value chain. No major infections have been reported among Taiwan's semiconductor and IT supply chains yet, but Pegatron has adopted work-from-home measures for its Taiwan offices after one of its employees was infected with coronavirus. But demand for PCs in Southeast Asia remains strong despite the resurging pandemic there, according to Acer's president for the region.

Concerns rising over Taiwan chip supply stability: With Taiwan encountering a sudden rise in the number of domestically transmitted COVID-19 infections, concerns about the stability of Taiwan's IC industry supply chain have emerged.

Pegatron adopts WFH measures for Taiwan after COVID infection: Pegatron has implemented a three-team rotation working schedule for its offices in Taiwan starting this week, as an employee has been confirmed a COVID-19 infection case.

Notebook demand in Southeast Asia stays strong despite resurging pandemic: Demand for PCs from Southeast Asian countries remains robust despite the recent resurgence of the coronavirus pandemic there, according to Acer Pan Asia Pacific president Andrew Hou.