Everlight uses LED lighting to enhance color of strawberries

Siu Han, Taipei; Adam Hwang, DIGITIMES Asia 0

Everlight Electronics has provided LED horticultural lighting using specific spectrums for an organic strawberry farm in northern Taiwan to enhance strawberries' color transcription into red, according to the company.

Sunlight is essential to anthocyanin biosynthesis, a biochemical process to transcribe color of strawberries into fresh red, Everlight explained.

However, as there are few sunny days in the December-April growth period of strawberries in northern Taiwan, LED horticultural lighting is used to catalyze anthocyanin biosynthesis, Everlight noted.

Thanks to the lighting, strawberries with color transcribed into fresh red have increased by 30% in volume and anthocyanin density in strawberries have risen to 90%, Everlight indicated.

Due to strong demand, Everlght has been running at full capacity for IR LED devices since second-quarter 2020, with lead time for shipment prolonged to 3-4 months. The revenue proportion for IR and UV LED devices is expected to rise from 31-32% in 2020 to about 35% in 2021.

LED horticultural lighting devices used in a strawberry farm

Everlight LED lighting in a strawberry farm
Photo: Company