Opto Tech, Tyntek hike prices for Si-based sensor chips

Siu Han, Taipei; Adam Hwang, DIGITIMES Asia 0

Vertically-integrated LED maker Opto Tech has hiked quotes for Si-based sensor chips, mainly photo diode and photo transistor chips, by 10-15% and fellow maker Tyntek has followed suit by hiking quotes for such product lines by 5-10%, according to industry sources.

Opto Tech's price hike is aimed at allowing it to select more profitable orders amid rebounding demand, the sources said, adding Opto Tech and Tyntek have fully utilized production capacities for Si-based sensor chips.

Japan-based Nichia, Opto Tech's largest shareholder, has made adjustments to Opto Tech's corporate organization and operation since half a year ago, and Opto Tech is expected to see the revenue proportion for Si-based sensor chips rise from 50-60% originally to 70% and that for high-end LED chips rise significantly in first-quarter 2021, the sources indicated.

Being a supplier of Si-based photo diodes used in Apple Watch 6, Opto Tech has a global market share of 60-70% for such products used in wearables, the sources said, adding the number of Si-based sensor chips used in wearables is rising amid more stringent requirements for measurements of heart rates and SpO2 (pulse oximetry).

Opto Tech has targeted niche-market application of Si-based sensor chips, ranging from Bluetooth headsets, ToF (time of flight) sensing for cleaning robots and automotive sensors.

Opto Tech has reported consolidated revenues of NT$383.8 million (US$13.5 million) for December, decreasing 31.57% sequentially and 9.50% on year, and those of NT$5.590 billion for 2020 increased 3.18% on year.

Tyntek's consolidated revenues of NT$226.6 million for December grew 3.30% sequentially and 4.53% on year and those of NT$2.429 billion for 2020 slipped 3.62% on year.

Si-based sensor chips

Si-based sensor chips
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