Topco to ramp up silicone shipments on 5G, datacenter, EV demand

Julian Ho, Taipei; Willis Ke, DIGITIMES Asia 0

Topco Technologies, which distributes and sells silicone materials for Japan's Shin-Etsu Chemical, has expressed optimism about its shipment will ramp up steadily in 2021 on growing demand for 5G, datacenter, and EV applications.

Topco now maintains over 10,000 industrial customers, with 70% of them spread abroad, mostly in China, and up to 60% of its shipments of silicone materials go to the consumer electronics sector with the remainder to non-electronics terminal application sectors including cosmetics, construction, energy, automotive and medical devices.

The company expects its 2021 shipments to China for 5G, datacenter and EV sectors to grow with China's economic expansion.

Despite pandemic impacts on overall sales in first-half last year, Topco's 2020 revenues still expanded 1.84% on year to NT$7.915 billion (US$282.68 million), largely bolstered by persistent demand for silicone and other related chemical materials for remote work and learning and healthcare applications.

Its fourth-quarter 2020 revenues hit a record high for the same quarter at NT$2.173 billion, due mainly to a significant rebound in shipments for automotive electronics and new electronics devices launched in the quarter.

Topco has reportedly tapped into the supply chains for first-tier US vendors of smart wearable devices and leading brands of game consoles in the US and Japan, according to industry sources.