Thursday 16 November 2023
Semiconductor materials distributor Topco expands global market footprint
Semiconductor materials distributor Topco Scientific has followed in the footsteps of its foundry partners by establishing operations overseas, according to Jeffery Pan, chairman...
Wednesday 15 November 2023
IC packaging material distributors see demand pick up
Chang Wah Technology (CWTC), Niching Industrial, Topco Scientific, and Wahlee Industrial, among others, have observed an increase in demand for IC packaging materials and are generally...
Wednesday 11 October 2023
Taiwanese firms' role in Huawei chip fab sparks controversy amid geopolitical tensions
Recent foreign media revelations have named United Integrated Services, L&K Engineering, Topco Scientific, and Cica-Huntek Chemical Technology Taiwan as contributors to the construction...
Wednesday 4 October 2023
Topco, UIS deny breaking US sanctions against Huawei
Two Taiwanese companies have dismissed allegations made in a recent media report that they had helped Huawei construct wafer fabs in China.
Tuesday 19 September 2023
Packaging material distributors see stable demand for automotive, advanced packaging
Semiconductor material distributors, such as Niching Industrial, Chang Wah Technology (CWTC), Topco Scientific, and Wahlee Industrial, continue to observe relatively stable demand...
Thursday 31 August 2023
Topco Scientific expands product offerings to CoWoS and 3D IC
Topco Scientific (TSC), a leading semiconductor material distributor, is expanding its advanced packaging material supply operations. In addition to silicon wafers and photoresist,...
Thursday 13 April 2023
Topco Scientific remains upbeat about 2023 growth
Semiconductor materials supplier Topco Scientific remains optimistic about its sales growth this year.
Thursday 16 February 2023
IC material distributor Topco aims for double-digit revenue surge
Semiconductor materials distributor Topco Scientific has set a double-digit revenue growth target for 2023, according to the Taiwan-based company.
Friday 10 February 2023
Taiwan semiconductor industry to rebound at full swing in 3Q23, says Topco
Semiconductor materials distributor Topco Scientific expects Taiwan's semiconductor industry to begin picking up in the second quarter before rebounding at full throttle in the third...
Wednesday 18 January 2023
Semiconductor materials demand still promising
Despite chipmakers' near-term caution about market prospects, semiconductor materials demand remains promising in the longer term, according to market sources.
Wednesday 14 December 2022
IC, materials distributors keen on diversifying biz deployments
Taiwan's ICs and materials distributors are keen on diversifying business deployments and product applications into fields such as biotech, healthcare, green energy and even device...
Tuesday 13 December 2022
IC material distributor Topco expects impressive revenue gains in 2022
Topco Scientific, which distributes mainly silicon wafers, photoresist and other chipmaking materials, is on track to post notable revenue growth in 2022 despite the ongoing inventory...
Tuesday 6 December 2022
Topco chair weighs in on US-China chip war
In a continuation of an exclusive interview with DIGITIMES, Topco Scientific (TSC) co-founder and...
Monday 5 December 2022
Topco chair shares views on solving Taiwan's five shortages
In an exclusive interview with DIGITIMES, Topco Scientific co-founder and Topco group chairman J.W. Kuo shares his views on how Taiwan's government and industry should face Taiwan's...
Friday 2 December 2022
Positive growth for semiconductor materials through 2027, says Topco chairman
Amid upstream and downstream semiconductor industry inventory adjustments and global economic uncertainties in 2022, Taiwan-based Topco Scientific (TSC) has emerged as a key supplier...