Worldwide server shipments to rebound in 2Q20, says Digitimes Research

Frank Kung, DIGITIMES Research, Taipei 0

Global server shipments in the first quarter of 2020 recorded a sequential decline of 16.9%, steeper than the 9.8% fall that Digitimes Research had estimated in February, as a result of disruptions to the supply chain amid coronavirus-induced lockdowns in many parts of the world.

The shipments of the first quarter reached 3.65 million units, according to Digitimes Research's latest server quarterly report.

Server shipments are expected to see a 15.8% rebound in the second quarter as orders for servers continue picking up thanks to deferred orders from the first quarter and rising demand for cloud computing services partly driven by remote work and learning needs, Digitimes Research's figures show.

The spread of the coronavirus into North America and Europe has destablized local supply of servers, but demand for cloud computing services has been rising. As server supply is expected to gradually return to normal throughout the second quarter, global server shipments are expected to growth both quarterly and yearly in the quarter.