Digitimes Research: China smartphone industry enjoys shipment growth in 3Q16 thanks to overseas demand

Luke Lin, DIGITIMES Research, Taipei 0

Subsidies provided by China's top-3 telecom carriers led by China Mobile to encourage 2G and 3G service users to switch to 4G services continued to push China's mid-range and inexpensive 4G smartphone sales and shipments in the third quarter.

China-based vendors Oppo, BBK (Vivo) and Huawei saw strong sales for their high-end, mid-range and inexpensive smartphones in the third quarter. China-based vendors were aggressive about pushing their shipments to overseas markets for year-end holiday demand in the third quarter and this helped China's smartphone shipments to non-China regions to rise, according to Digitimes Research's latest report about China's smartphone industry.

China-based smartphone vendors together shipped 168 million smartphones worldwide in the third quarter, up 10.6% sequentially and 18.6% on year. Of the shipments, the volume to overseas markets increased 15.5% sequentially and 16.2% on year to reach 72.7 million units.

The top-5 China-based smartphone vendors were Huawei, Oppo, BBK, Xiaomi and TCL in the third quarter, together contributing more than 55% of the overall shipment volume. The top-3 vendors Huawei, Oppo and BBK all had double-digit percentage market shares in the third quarter and a combined market share of over 45%.

As for the fourth quarter of 2016, shipments to overseas markets are expected to rise significantly from a quarter ago, while domestic demand will only have limited growth. Overall volume in the quarter will surpass 184 million units.

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