Computex Taipei 2015
The Computex show will host from June 2-6 and will focus on three major topics: IoT, mobile applications and cloud computing technology.
Friday 5 June 2015
The opportunities, challenges and bright future of IoT
Smart mobile devices have become increasingly popular and with software applications and hardware platforms falling into place, the Internet of Things (IoT) is expected to emerge as a major force for driving industry growth, which is "The next big thing" as depicted by Morris Chang, chairman of TSMC. Innovative IoT applications are expected to enable business opportunities around 50 billion connected devices.
Friday 5 June 2015
Good Way Technology highlights the cutting edge USB-C docking and unbeatable triple display viewing experience in COMPUTEX 2015
Good Way Technology, a global leading USB peripherals and docking solution provider, today announces the USB-C Triple Display Docking station at COMPUTEX Taipei 2015.
Friday 5 June 2015
Seagate and UNIFOSA showcase complete line of storage solutions at Computex 2015
UNIFOSA CORP. announces partnership with Seagate to showcase complete line of 12Gb SAS storage solutions for applications including data center applications, video edition, Windows Storage Space, and virtualization applications, at Computex 2015 in Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, 1th Floor, Booth J1205 from June 2-6.
Friday 5 June 2015
PowerbyProxi Previews Next Generation Resonant Qi Wireless Charging System
PowerbyProxi, developer of the world's most advanced and safest wireless power systems, will demonstrate the first Resonant Qi wireless charging system at Computex this week. New functionality offers an advanced approach to wireless charging of smartphone devices, overcoming current limitations like slow charging times, the need for precise placement and the inability to charge multiple devices at once. Resonant Qi remains fully backwards-compatible with existing Qi products, while providing OEMs with a clear path to the benefits offered by resonant technology.
Friday 5 June 2015
COMPUTEX exhibits Smart Wearable and 3D Business Applications!
Smart Wearable and 3D Business Appliance have been the most special cross-boundary appliance in ICT field for the recent years. With the integration of ICT technology, the wearable devices could be smarter, also ICT enables the 3D printing become more user-friendly and 3D scanning becomes easier. COMPUTEX 2015, the largest ICT trade show in Asia, is going to be on board in June. TCA, one of the major organizers, presents carious smart wearable devices in different applications in COMPUTEX show with the clouds services and introduce new 3D technology devices. People can choose different sizes of 3D printing equipment and faster speed of 3D scanners. Companies also provide personal clouds services, which can increase the value of the products. These companies also support customized design which can let the buyers around the world to purchase it directly.
Friday 5 June 2015
AVEXIR unveils Raiden Series X ASUS ROG: Raiden Red Tesla
Avexir would like to cordially invite you to our booth at Computex 2015, the largest IT trade fair in Asia You will get the opportunity to see Avexir's latest products and leading-edge technologies, while experiencing immersive visual, computing, and gaming demonstrations including both gaming memory and high end SSD products.
Friday 5 June 2015
GIGABYTE announces 384 Core 2U server powered by Cavium ThunderX ARMv8 processors
GIGABYTE Technology, a leading creator of high performance server hardware, announced today the MT70-HD0 server board - the first cache-coherent, dual socket ARM board to be released to market - and its associated 2U rackmount, the H270-T70. These two new models based on the Cavium ThunderX ARMv8 processor establish GIGABYTE's recent efforts to bring accomplished ARM-based server products to the market thereby opening new doors for scale-out server workloads.
Thursday 4 June 2015
Computex 2015: Startup company Endless pushing PC for developing countries
Startup company Endless, an operating system developer, has participated at Computex 2015 showcasing its first product, the Endless PC, priced from US$169-229, targeting mainly developing countries.
Thursday 4 June 2015
What will the future hold for mobile technology?
As IT developers move toward 5G - analysts suggest the next-level network milestone will arrive as soon as in the next few years - the size, shape, and operation of our now ever-present portable devices are evolving in numerous and different directions. According to Digitimes Research, tablet shipments will reach 221 million units in 2015. If adding the growth from other mobile devices, the entire market scale will reach to touch all sectors of the entire industry. Mobile technology has become more than just a tool - it's now a way of life that brings all of us closer together.
Thursday 4 June 2015
Good Way Technology introduces its most innovative Windows tablet docking solutions at COMPUTEX Taipei 2015
Good Way Technology, a global leading USB peripherals and docking solution provider, today announces the DU21050 Windows tablet docking station at COMPUTEX Taipei, the Asia's largest ICT trade show, during 2nd - 6th June 2015. This product is the recent innovative engineering progress relating to new technologies of USB and display proving the strength of Good Way Technology in the USB peripheral industry.