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What will the future hold for mobile technology?
DIGITIMES Technology Forum (DTF) press release

As IT developers move toward 5G - analysts suggest the next-level network milestone will arrive as soon as in the next few years - the size, shape, and operation of our now ever-present portable devices are evolving in numerous and different directions. According to Digitimes Research, tablet shipments will reach 221 million units in 2015. If adding the growth from other mobile devices, the entire market scale will reach to touch all sectors of the entire industry. Mobile technology has become more than just a tool - it's now a way of life that brings all of us closer together.

The Computex 2015 Mobile technology Forum went beyond the traditional method of presentation to create true user engagement. This was done through a wireless network, high-speed transmission, multimedia, high-definition video, power savings and product development platforms for the engineering and marketing background attendees, as well as for the rich mix of talented speakers and conversation starters. This year Computex tapped into people's passion and leveraged the power of smart technology.

According to Qualcomm Technologies' new, cutting- edge and more affordable devices, tablets and mobile computing products are affecting key vertical markets such as education, healthcare and retail point-of-sale. In addition, progress is being enabled for connectivity, immersive entertainment experiences, enhanced productivity and advancements in sensors, computational photography, augmented reality and virtual reality.

This year, Wireless Power reaches a tipping point, whether it is in wearable devices for healthcare or smartphones and tablets for information and connectivity, consumers are demanding products that function anywhere they are. Within that requirement, they are also looking for battery-charging solutions that will eliminate cables and connectors from their chargers. To meet these market prerequisites, wireless power charging has emerged as an attractive alternative to plug-in adapters in the last few years and is gaining momentum because standards have emerged.

In addition to futuristic technologies, WPC supports the latest Qi-enabled products. Qi is the most widely deployed wireless power standard, available in 3,000 hotels, restaurants, airports and public locations worldwide. There are now more than 80 Qi-enabled smartphones, 15 Qi-enabled car models and countless Qi mobile accessories in the market today.

A brave new world of connected smart devices will transform how we live, work and play and create new opportunities for businesses.

Wi-Fi - The Past, Present and Future

Broadcom Corporation, Director, Product Marketing, Broadband and Connectivity Group, Vijay Nagarajan

Today's data is mostly consumed wirelessly, and an overwhelm portion through technologies using the unlicensed spectrum. Wi-Fi, in particular, has morphed itself over the years and adapted to the needs of the digital world very well. As compared to first generation Wi-Fi back in 1997, today's solutions can deliver 1,000 times more data. As an illustration of this journey, Vijay Nagarajan took a brief look at the past, present and future of Wi-Fi. In particular, he investigated the attributes of a good Wi-Fi solution. The talk also aimed to provide a sneak peek into the technologies that will make up Wi-Fi in the future.

The next Wi-Fi solution should arm you with the latest speeds and feeds without the blockage or increased cost of upgrading a hardware controller. In addition, the best Wi-Fi solutions are CFO- and helpdesk-friendly by providing a flexible licensing model, customizable reporting and analytics. Lastly, security and quality of service are supreme as businesses and educational institutions depend more on wireless networks for mission critical functions such as accepting credit cards and accessing student records.

Broadcom Corporation, Director, Product Marketing, Broadband and Connectivity Group, Vijay Nagarajan

Securing the future: Connecting Mobile, IOT and the Cloud

Imagination Technologies, Executive Vice President Marketing, Tony King-Smith

The rapid evolution of mobile SoCs has seen a spectacular rise in high-performance, low-power platforms, and Imagination's PowerVR GPUs and MIPS CPUs are at the heart of many of these innovations. As the industry designs next generation SoCs (Systems on Chips), it must consider evolving use-models, device interconnectedness, heterogeneous computing models and other factors, which all point to a need for a new security paradigm. King-Smith described a heterogeneous, multi-domain SoC security approach that will enable SoC designers, OEMs and operators to successfully address next-generation products and applications. In addition, he also discussed industry initiatives that will be critical to success for addressing the need for a new security paradigm in next-generation products.

Imagination is a global technology leader whose products touch the lives of billions of people across the globe. The company's broad range of silicon IP (intellectual property) includes the key processing blocks needed to create the SoCs (Systems on Chips) that power all mobile, consumer and embedded electronics. Its unique software IP, infrastructure technologies and system solutions enable its customers to get to market quickly with complete and highly differentiated SoC platforms. Imagination's licensees include many of the world's leading semiconductor manufacturers, network operators and OEMs/ODMs that are creating some of the world's most iconic products.

Imagination Technologies, Executive Vice President Marketing, Tony King-Smith

USB Type-C applications and ecosystem

VIA Labs, Inc., Associate VP, David Hsu

As one of a select few products to achieve USB-IF certification, the VIA Labs VL150 is unique in being the only solution based on an optimized hardware design with powerful yet flexible programming options for ease of manufacturing and low BOM cost.

The upcoming USB cable design is reversible, has no right-side-up or upside-down problems, and will click when you plug it in. Expect the new design on the market as soon as this year.

The new design, called USB Type-C, is designed to replace today's multitude of cables and fix a number of their shortcomings. Type-C USB jacks will be small enough for mobile phones, the cable will be reversible end-to-end so it doesn't matter which end you attach to your computer and which to your digital camera, and as with Apple's Lightning connector there will be no upside-down when it's time to actually plug the cable in.

VIA Labs, Inc., Associate VP, David Hsu

Next generation of immersive audio

DTS, Director, Sales, APAC, Vincent Ting

As part of DTS' strategy to support the entire audio ecosystem - from cinema to home to mobile - it is important that consumers can access an engaging audio experience at the cinema for object-based audio with DTS:X and also their mobile devices with DTS Headphone:X, which enhances any ordinary pair of headphones with fully immersive surround.

It is an open, immersive and flexible object-based audio coming to cinema and home. It is also a next generation technology that gives content creators, cinema and home theater owners more control than ever; audiences will experience the richest, most realistic soundscape possible. The technology also provides numerous customization options for cinema and home theater owners.

The DTS:X unveil includes partners across the ecosystem. To ensure quality and provide flexibility within the DTS:X program, DTS has partnered with industry-leading server, sound rendering and processing companies. GDC Technology, QSC and USL have developed and made available DTS:X-ready components that process and render MDA files.

DTS, Director, Sales, APAC, Vincent Ting

Reinvigorating the true tablet experience: The innovations needed for continued growth and broad-based adoption

Qualcomm Technologies, VP of Product Management, Seshu Madhavapeddy

The tablet market has recently come to a crossroads. With the rapid adoption and near ubiquity of tablets, and the fast pace of innovation in smartphone experiences, consumers need a more compelling reason to buy a tablet - including unique and differentiating experiences they cannot already get using their phone or laptop.

In this talk, Seshu Madhavapeddy, VP of Product Management for Qualcomm Technologies' mobile computing group, discussed some of the unique user experiences and recent technological advancements that will help further spur tablet adoption and drive new user demand. He explored always-on connectivity, immersive entertainment experiences, enhanced productivity and advancements in sensors, computational photography, augmented reality and virtual reality. Seshu also explored how tablets and mobile computing are affecting key vertical markets such as education, healthcare and retail point-of-sale.

Qualcomm Technologies, VP of Product Management, Seshu Madhavapeddy

Mobile displays: How much resolution is enough?

Pixelworks Inc., Director, product marketing, Vikas Dhuka

Mobile devices are an integral part of our daily lives. While improvements in display technology have enabled extremely high resolution displays with richer colors, are those benefits actually visible to the user and how much resolution is enough? This presentation explored the realities of what the human eye is able to perceive and how to maximize the return on display investment by maximizing the user experience.

This question can't really be answered with logic. It is similar in the way that 10 years ago, most people thought the Internet was enough. And 30 years back, landline phones were enough. In many cases, the technology must progress for the sake of progress so that something else will become highly useful and relevant one day. Maybe future displays will serve a biological or neural function or something, but to get there, you need to go through a dozen iterations of marketing nonsense and unnecessary innovation for the sake of it.

Pixelworks Inc., Director, product marketing, Vikas Dhuka

Optimizing power delivery in future mobile devices

Dialog Semiconductor, Director Marketing - Audio & Power Management, Mark Jacob

As mobile devices continue to incorporate more powerful processing squeezed into a variety of thinner and smaller form factors, combined with the constraints of low-leakage always-on functionality, the challenges to maximize battery life continue to mount. The goal remains, as always, to assist system designers in delivering the next wave of promising products with an enhanced user experience.

This session outlined the market drivers, trends and some new concepts that PMIC vendors such as Dialog Semiconductor are bringing to market in this area.

With a long legacy of delivering different Power Management designs for world-leading mobile phone manufacturers and portable consumer OEMs, Dialog Semiconductor optimizes all aspects of the design including electrical, thermal and mechanical (packaging) considerations. These designs offer unprecedented integration with multiple power management and analog functions on the chip.

Power Management from Dialog replaces discrete or integrated power management components with highly integrated single chip solutions that provide power supply domain flexibility, increased efficiency, space saving, as well as improved reliability and design simplicity.

Dialog Semiconductor, Director Marketing - Audio & Power Management, Mark Jacob

Optimal design performance, accelerate application development for mobile devices

Neil Su, technical support manager of Mouser Electronics Asia

Rapid innovation is global and for R&D and design engineers the most important task ahead is getting the product to market. Being such, design tools are the most important winning points.

MultiSIM BLUE free circuit simulation tool contains more than 100,000 kinds of electronic components, and has an intuitive SPICE simulation and analysis capabilities. Engineers can use MultiSIM BLUE build schematic, analog circuits and the establishment of a printed circuit board layout, and fully integrated wiring and review platform. MultiSIM BLUE provides planning and simulation capability and can handle PCB layout, bill of materials (BOM) and procurement operations, allowing engineers to optimize the design performance and reduce time to market.

Neil Su, technical support manager of Mouser Electronics Asia

Wireless power reaches a tipping point

PowerbyProxi, VP Business Development, Consumer Technologies, Tony Francesca

2015 is the year when Wireless power goes mainstream, with an end to the standards battle in sight. The current Wireless Power Consortium's (WPC) Qi specification is quickly gaining a market leadership position over rival standards. The recent announcement that the Samsung Galaxy S6 will support Qi, as well as the release of new range of IKEA Qi-enabled furniture, has provided strong validation of the WPC's Qi standard. IKEA's home furnishings embed charging spots and will propel Qi further into mainstream adoption.

At Computex 2015, PowerbyProxi showcased the next evolution.

Mobile phones are vital parts to people's lives at home and their desire to stay connected, and Qi addresses an unmet need to keep devices powered.

The reward for successfully developing wireless power solutions is considerable. Having over 200 big companies through the Wireless Power Consortium backing up the Qi wireless standard, it is only a matter of time when we see wireless charging pads everywhere we go.

PowerbyProxi, VP Business Development, Consumer Technologies, Tony Francesca

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