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COMPUTEX exhibits Smart Wearable and 3D Business Applications!
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Smart Wearable and 3D Business Appliance have been the most special cross-boundary appliance in ICT field for the recent years. With the integration of ICT technology, the wearable devices could be smarter, also ICT enables the 3D printing become more user-friendly and 3D scanning becomes easier. COMPUTEX 2015, the largest ICT trade show in Asia, is going to be on board in June. TCA, one of the major organizers, presents carious smart wearable devices in different applications in COMPUTEX show with the clouds services and introduce new 3D technology devices. People can choose different sizes of 3D printing equipment and faster speed of 3D scanners. Companies also provide personal clouds services, which can increase the value of the products. These companies also support customized design which can let the buyers around the world to purchase it directly.

Wearable devices are increasing rapidly, more variety of applications

According to the research report from the survey institution IDC, with combination of new vendors, new devices, and greater end-user awareness, it can be estimate in 2015, the total amount of worldwide wearable devices will rapidly reach to 45.7 million from 19.6 million in 2014. IDC also estimate that the wearable devices can reach to 1.261 billion and the CAGR will be up to 45.1% for the next 5 years. Among all the products, the wristwear (including smart watches, smart bands, smart bracelets and etc.) will still be the mainstream of the wearable devices. The shipping amount is already up to 90%. Although the smart clothes and smart glasses don't have huge shipping amount, the estimation in 2019 will reach to 3% and above. It is worth of our observation.

The companies including ITRI, Brinno, Globalsat, HOLUX, Taiwan Textile Research Institute, ChipSip, WIME, Gajah, Guider, Union Genius, AiQ, Honeywld, ProLogium, INVENTEC BESTA, G. SOL, PowerWow, Fortune Power, Andes, TOP PING International, OmniHealth, Compass Systems, NeuroSky, TREK will present smart watches , sports watches, smart bracelets, wrist-watches with heartbeat monitor, wrist-watches with oxygen monitor, smart clothes, smart glasses, smart watches for health guidance, NFC sensor rings, elderly care system for wearable devices. ECG Biosensors chips, brainwave biosensor chips, bendable battery, wireless chargers and some more wearable devices.

More Convenient 3D Printing More efficient 3D Scanning

Among the commercialized 3D technology, 3D printing and 3D scan are the two mainstreams. 3D printing is the actual output of the products. 3D scan is the necessary tool to assist the users to build the 3D model with the actual objects. Because the related ICT technology has been developing for the recent years, the companies have designed for different 3D printing based on different requests and applications. For example, jewelry design and sample of the tooth model both need high degree of accuracy in 3D printing applied field. Therefore, the companies present the 3D printers with the Stereolithography technology. It can satisfy the needs for the special market applications.

The companies including XYZprinting, SKY-TECH ELECTRONICS, Volks Corporation, Etron, RS Components, STARMEN, CINAFLEX, 3D Printing Technology, Amchael Visual Technology, EXTEK, ATOM 3D, Mastech Machine, Flux Technology will present basic 3D printers, light curing 3D printers, dual-head 3D printers, 3D powder printers, 3D dual camera scanners, large size 3D printers, high degree 3D printer, 3D camera, 3D printing supplies and 3D multi-function printers with convertible expansion. Among all, ATOM 3D and FLUX are the first time to participate at COMPUTEX show and they have great feedbacks from the audiences.

In order to enlighten the visitors to know more about 3D printing applied in the digital medical and cultural creative products, TCA will hold the 3D printing seminar on June 5th. TCA invites professional 3D printing companies such as XYZprinting, Intel, Materialise, Etron, DETEKT and scholars in biology medical field from Taipei Medical University and biology medical center of the University of Manchester in the U.K. They will discuss the latest trend about 3D technology applied in medical and cultural creative market. By doing so, we hope it can stimulate ICT traders to stimulate new and integrate cross-field technologies and to bring more business opportunities.

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